ezQuake release 1517

New version of ezQuake has been released today. The most important news
for everyone is: it has compatible security module! Grab the build here:

[ http://ezQuake.SF.net/build/ ]

and security module here:

[ http://ezQuake.SF.net/security/ ]

Other things this new build brings are for example coloured text, long
awaited jump fix for independent physics and auto demo conversion to
qwz and mvd. New better scripting options with TCL support (!).
Texture packs lovers will appreciate paks.lst and .link features.
There is also new load of MultiView Demo support - Powerup cams and
MVD Moreinfo. In this build you can also fully customize gameclock size,
style and placement and change the text displayed in the taskbar while
ezQuake is minimized. Download speed-meter has been added.
Also there has been some usual modernisation of menus and default
values of some variables. We also include a 24bit charset and HUD icons
since this release. And there is finally ez-styled conback and icon!
For other new things in this release like cl_rollalpha, r_shiftbeam, QTV
support and new triggers see the full changelog:

[ http://ezQuake.SF.net/docs/?changelog ]

Posted by JohnNy_cz 2006-04-21