#2 Please, provide equally High Quality Editor Theme!


This IDE theme is near to perfect for daily usage: I'm just missing a equal high quality editor theme. Please!!!


    • assigned_to: Venkat Akkineni
  • I have added a new editor profile called EzObsidian. This is what I use daily and really like. I have also added Highlight and Annotation colors.

    There is an issue with Netbeans' support for Annotation colors. Please take a look at the issue listed below. There is a work around for this. Look at the comment from Jan Peska on 2014-02-12 at 12:40:09 UTC on the issue. For ease, I am quoting Jan below.

    I've changed also color for disabled breakpoint but I've noticed with new userdir all changed colors are ignored by editor - in options they are set to the right values but editor ignores them and uses the default ones. To workaround this issue you have to click "Restore" button and reopen editor window. I'll file new bug to editor team since the color setup is fixed.


    • status: open --> closed
  • This is available in release 0.1.9.