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Welcome to eyeLeft Project


26/09/2012 - Released the version 0.2 of eyeLeft, it includes the qooxdoo 1.6.1, still no test, so I would welcome any feedback.

11/09/2012 - Remaking the code to update to qooxdoo 1.6 and qooxdoo 2.0, first idea is to create 2 different versions for each qooxdoo version and see if there's any impact.

30/07/2011 - Ready for download the alpha version. And first screenshot with eyeGraphs.

30/07/2011 - Created alpha version of eyeleft, this version only includes the eyeos 2.5 updated to qooxdoo 1.4 and with qooxdoo-contribs necessary to develop applications. Check info

23/07/2011 - The first day of the project, currently we have quite some work to do, so don't get impatient and wait for the incoming updates. Meantime you can get some heads up in my blog

Project licensed under Affero GNU Public License




eyeLeft 0.1 and eyegraphs