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#154 ogg sfx packages (handled like wav sfx)

Malignant Manor

It would be nice to have ogg sfx that can replace the wav sfx since they can be much smaller than wav files. We could pack the Roland sfx for both games in with the Exult installer and it would only take up about 1.48 MB in the installer if using 45kps (16 bit, 22.05 KHz, and mono like the wav) vs 10.7 MB. On the rare case of someone actually making their own sfx package, the size savings could be much bigger.


  • The Sound Blaster packages for both games compress to 1.22 MB.

  • While it makes sense to have the sfx packs as oggs, I think that "snappyness" could be an issue. Music can be delayed some ms but when sfx get delayed it could be annoying.
    We'd need to test for that.

  • Object sfx spamming cpu increase could also be an issue. Ogg decoding will take more cpu and this might be a problem with object sfx spamming. The one path before the sphere generator with a ton of sleep and poison fields comes to mind as being the biggest offender for testing.

    It's hard to know for sure without it being coded.

  • Actually, cpu usage probably isn't too much of an issue for most people using the installer.