#136 Chests explode, but no major damage - needs Usecode patch

Peter Schaefer

None of the exploding chests did any damage that was noticeable, even when standing still closeby.
I would expect at least some noticeable damage, even if heavily armored(magic or plate).
Also, as an improvement, the avatar might walk towards the chest, as otherwise it is possible to stay away far enough with the entire party.
Severity: low. It didn't not stop me from completing the game, but it was too easy, allowing sloppy play ;-)
version 1.2


  • where can I find an exploding chest?

  • Peter Schaefer
    Peter Schaefer

    The 4 quests that you can go on from Deathwatch (using the amulet of balance to get there) contain exploding chests. Especially the 2nd one to the left. I don't remember a better place right now. The realm of dreams that you reach from the swamp contains some exploding chests.

  • savegame at exploding chests

  • can confirm this. I added a savegame right next to exploding chests

  • This is working as it should be in current code. This is controlled through usecode.

    The Avatar will die fairly often even with the armor provided in the save. The damage is random though and subject to armor reduction so sometimes it doesn't do much or any damage to the Avatar but it is rare that all party members survive with their mediocre armor.

    About the damage radius, Ultima 7 and Exult are extremely broken on range with a lot of things. This can be changed through usecode patches and is not something to be hardcoded into the engine.

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    • summary: Chests explode, but no major damage --> Chests explode, but no major damage - needs Usecode patch
  • Thanks, Malignant. After removing every armor, and postioning the party close to the chest, they all did receive a fair amount of damage.
    I'll change the subject line and will move it to the feature requests. Probably something for Marzo's SI fixes.

  • I look at the usecode and it attacks with the powder keg. You could adjust the damage on the powder keg.