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Past releases Version 0.6 Changes: Planned releases Version 0.7 New Features: Changes: Past releases Version 0.6 Initial version of restarted development. Changes: The list of changes is incomplete, since we don't really know all changes since last release of old development team New build systems Autotools for Unix-like systems (Linux, ...) Visual Studio solution + WiX installer for Windows Cleanup code: Remove redundant code, use modern C++ Planned releases Version 0.7 New Features: New performance level 4: Use high-resolution textures for Skybox (default is still level 3) Support resolution and fullscreen change without restart Partially rewritten menu GUI, same look but more usability features (for example: improved keyboard navigation) Organize courses in groups Translatable course names and descriptions Changes: Use SFML2 instead of SDL as multimedia library Removed FTFont library, no direct dependency to FreeType anymore (used by SFML, however) Large speedup, reduced memory footprint (especially outside races) Continued code cleanup: Removed more redundant code, further conversion to modern C++ (and C++11)
Last updated: 2015-04-01

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