Mr. X Marko Lindqvist
  1. Set version number in, data/credits.lst, src/version.h (ETR_VERSION_STRING & ETR_VERSION), and build/Installer/productInfo.wxi (ProductName & ProductVersion) and commit. (Version numbering scheme see below.)
  2. Tag
  3. Checkout tag
  4. Create tarball from tag directory
  5. Upload tarballs
  6. Announce to forums
  7. Windows Maintainer builds Windows binaries

Version number scheme:
Stable major release: x.y.0.0 (In strings: "x.y.0")
Stable minor release: x.y.z.0 (In strings: "x.y.z")
Development version (e.g. trunk): x.y.99.0 (In strings: "x.y+1 dev")
Development releases: x.y.99.z (In strings: "x.y+1 Alpha/Beta/... z")

x.y always refers to the current stable version. x.y+1 is the upcoming major version.