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Build instructions

Mr. X


Extreme TuxRacer is written in C++, attempting to follow the latest standard, C++11, while being compatible to those compilers which currently only provide partial support for it. Thus, you a modern C++ Compiler like GCC or MSVC is required to compile Extreme TuxRacer.
The code depends on OpenGL, SDL and FreeType. While OpenGL is usually distributed alongside your Compiler, you need to have SDL and FreeType library installed.

Get the source:
Download the source code from our Subversion repository (https://sourceforge.net/p/extremetuxracer/code/HEAD/tree/). The recommended way is to use SVN. However, it is also possible to download a tarball on that page.

Building on Linux/Unix:

Building on Windows:

- Recommended: Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 for Desktop (Express Edition is sufficient)
- Also possible: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010; MinGW (See Linux instructions)

- glext.h (http://www.opengl.org/registry/)
- SDL 1.2, including SDL_image and SDL_mixer (http://www.libsdl.org/)
- FreeType 2 (http://freetype.org/)

Copy glext.h into Extreme TuxRacer source folder. Build SDL and Freetype, if you did not install precompiled versions. Open Property Manager in Visual Studio (View->Property Manager, or View->Additional Windows->Property Manager) and navigate to "ExtremeTuxRacer->$(Configuration)->Microsoft.Cpp.$(Platform).User". Set up "Include Directories" and "Library Directories" for Freetype and SDL. If you see errors about missing includes or missing libraries in next step, go back here.

Open the solution /build/ETR.sln. Choose the desired configuration. If you are using Visual Studio 2010, open Project properties and Change "Platformtoolset" to v100. Press F7. If everything goes well, you will find ExtremeTuxRacer.exe in /bin/$(Platform)/$(Configuration).
To run this binary, it is required that the folder /data/ is visible (You can either copy it to the binary or vice versa, or set execution directory accordingly) and that all necessary DLLs are provided. These are:
- libogg-0.dll
- libpng15-15.dll
- libvorbis-0.dll
- libvorbisfile-3.dll
- SDL.dll
- SDL_image.dll
- SDL_mixer.dll
- smpeg.dll
- zlib1.dll
You can find those in your SDL installation.

Windows Installer:
The solution /build/Installer.sln builds a MSI installer. It requires WiX 3.8 to be installed. ETR.sln should have been build before.


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