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EXTE / News: Recent posts

Grammar improvement

The grammar has been improved, with a basic reduction of 56 states. The algorithm is now faster.

Posted by Balpo 2008-03-14

WEB interface

The design of the WEB interface (in Java) for EXTE has begun.
El diseño de la interfaz WEB (en Java) para EXTE ha comenzado.

Posted by Balpo 2007-12-06

EXTE release!

La versión GA de EXTE fue liberada.
The GA version of EXTE was released.

Posted by Balpo 2007-10-02


The Thesis document has been posted in the Docs release. This is the final version.

La tesis se ha subido en la sección Docs. Ésta es la versión final.

Posted by Balpo 2007-09-28

New Corpus Entries

In the next weeks we'll post part of the Corpus used to build EXTE. Due to the amount of disk space the corpus would require, it is not possible now to submit ALL the corpus (5GB aprox.).
Some of the text will be uploaded in TXT format and others in HTML format.
En las próximas semanas se subirá parte del corpus utilizado por EXTE. Dado el espacio en disco que el corpus requiere, nos es imposible subirlo todo (5GB aprox.) Parte del corpus se subirá en formato TXT y otra parte en formato HTML.

Posted by Balpo 2007-07-17

Linux and windows installers

Thanx to one of our sponsors, ej-technologies, now exte is available with two installers, one for windows and another one for linux.


Posted by Balpo 2007-05-18

No mailing list/ Sin listas de correo

By the moment we'll use no mailing list.
Por el momento no se utilizarán las listas.

Posted by Balpo 2007-03-28

Kick off soon

I'll upload first the grammars and part of the documentation (in Spanish & English).
The source code, binaries and APIs will be uploaded afterwards.

Subiré las gramáticas y la documentación en inglés y español. El código fuente, los archivos de configuración y los APIs seguirán.

Posted by Balpo 2007-03-21