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Higher Performance with eXtace

Extace 1.4.0 comes with a new completely redesigned and rewritten Audio I/O layer, which is now completely multithreaded, improving aplication responsiveness, and allowing for neat tricks, like running 32768 point fft's on audio in realtime, for that extra bit of resolution..

Posted by Dave J. Andruczyk 2000-12-02

New Mode in eXtace 1.3.10

A New mode has been added to eXtace. Vertical Spectragram. Its similarto the existing horizontal scrolling spectragram, but it has a dragable axis bar, and a 2D hi res display to give you two difference views at the same time. Performance is excellent, and as like all other modes, is fully scalable to any resolution.

Posted by Dave J. Andruczyk 2000-11-01

RPM's now available

eXtace is now available in a precompiled RPM format for those who don't wish to compile their own. 2 versions are provided. One compiled with ALSA support and one without. You may have to use the "--nodeps" option when installing as most systems that have alsa didn't have alsa installed via and RPM. Enjoy...

Posted by Dave J. Andruczyk 2000-10-22

eXtace-1.2.23 released

Get one ofthe best audio visualizers out there on the 'net today now! Lots of fixes and some new features too...

Posted by Dave J. Andruczyk 2000-05-04

New and improved eXtace Release

Major bugfixes have finally arrived for eXtace 1.2.18. The input buffering code and window functions have been fixed. The scope has twice the resolution, overall it should be faster, with far less bugs.

Posted by Dave J. Andruczyk 2000-03-20

eXtace release 1.2.17

First real release on sourceforge.net. New home is at eXtace.sourceforge.net. No new major features in this release, only bugfixes and code cleanups.

Posted by Dave J. Andruczyk 2000-02-14