#1 German localization


Wasn't sure whether to put it as a feature suggestion since
I'm working on it myself, so I figured it'd best be suited here.

You put "Initial French support for ExtFS Manager (not
complete)." in your release notes for 1.1b1 and I took a
glimpse at that, and it looks like all you're doing is finding
substitutions for the strings, so I did something similar for
good ol' German. It's not actually quite complete, as a look at
"strings ExtFSManager" proved, but I think it's a good start.
Also, since you're still in beta with 1.1, I suppose some
strings would still change anyway.

I tried to be consistent with what the German versions of
Finder and Disk Utility use as terms, even though they're
sometimes a little strange. The attached file is encoded in
UTF-8, since OS X seems to handle that better than other
encodings (this caused problems piping this file through the
unix 'sort' command :-( ).

I have two minor problems:
1) when launching ExtFSManager, "Gathering info" comes
up, but that either isn't the correct string, or I simply cannot
substitute it properly with "Informationen werden gesammelt".

2) Two widgets don't leave sufficient space for my
translations; the three buttons (especially the middle one, for
"Auswerfen" instead of "Eject") and the "Changes to these
options will..." notice in the options pane. That's only
cosmetic though :)


  • strings substitution list for German

  • Pref Pane Strings for Localization

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    Thanks, I appreciate the help.

    I've attached a text file that contains all of the pref pane strings.
    The string on the right of the equals sign is the english version that
    is used as a key to lookup the localized version (as you guessed)
    the string on the left of the equals sign (currently blank) would be
    the localized version. If you want to download this and send me
    the changes, that would be appreciated. Include your name for
    credit purposes.

    I will integrate your changes (and make the necessary GUI control
    adjustments) for the next release.

    Thanks again.

  • Soeren Kuklau
    Soeren Kuklau

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    didn't realize I wasn't logged in. My real name is Sren Kuklau.

    When a string shouldn't be translated (like "Copyright", since that's
    what we're calling it in German too, lately), do I just leave the line
    out, leave the right part empty (""; this is what I did), or fill it in

    Also, "Could not eject" and "Could not" are difficult to translate,
    since the object belongs in between in German (ex. "Could not eject
    volume" would translate to "Konnte Volume nicht auswerfen"), so
    I'm doing it with colons instead ("Konnte nicht auswerfen:"). So it'll
    sound a little awkward but there isn't much to do about that. The
    "What: %@\nDevi..." line may sound equally strange; it might help
    if you could give an example of when that is invoked.

    I have two more questions: 1) Why do you have the line "Disk
    Error" = ""; twice? and 2) is the "Fix" line meant to be a verb (to fix
    sth.) or a noun (a fix / patch for something)? I was guessing the
    former in the file I'm going to upload.

    Very nice work, btw.

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    I guess I'm not allowd to add further attachments to this tracker
    item, so I just uploaded it to http://www.chucker.rasdi.net/
    opensource/ext2fsx/Localizable.strings.gz instead.

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    If a string is the same as its English counterpart, my preferred
    method is to remove the line completely. Or, you can do "English"
    = "English", but you cannot just leave the localized string blank.

    The duplicate "Disk Error" should be removed.

    The "What: %@\nDevice: %@\nMessage: %@\nError: %d" = "";
    is a an error string. Eg: If an error occurs unmounting a volume,
    the dialog will look as follows:

    Disk Error

    What: Unmount
    Device: disk0s6
    Message: Operation not permitted
    Error: 1

    Fix is meant as a verb. It would end up being another button in the
    toolbar; as in "Fix Disk". This is just something that was in there
    for the future. Your guess is correct.

    As for the upload problem, I think you have to be the bug owner to
    attach a file, and since you weren't logged in when you created the
    bug there is no owner and no one (but me) can attach a file.

    Thanks again. I'll get this integrated and send you an updated build
    (to your sourceforge email).

    BTW, for future reference. OS X prefers Localized.strings files in
    UTF16 format. But for plist files it prefers UTF8. Confusing to say
    the least.

  • Soeren Kuklau
    Soeren Kuklau

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    Eh, forgot in the e-mail that I put the new (hopefully final for now)
    version up at http://www.chucker.rasdi.net/opensource/ext2fsx/
    Localizable.strings.gz . If there's another German watching this
    project, I'm open to criticism.

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    Integrated into 1.1.

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