mount a linux ext2 loop file...

  • Is this possible? I'm trying to mount some .loop files whitout success... am I missing something maybe?

    I renamed then as .dmg and tried to mount it and OSX give me the "not recognized" error message...

    Also, I tried to mount it manually in shell, but got this message:
    "mount_ext2: ./hda6.loop.dmg on /Volumes/10GB (H)/xx: Block device required"

    any toughts?


    • You have to attach the image before mounting it:

      hdituil attach -nomount ./hda6.loop.dmg

      This will print out a device path, which can then be used with mount, fsck, etc.

      If you double click on an image in the Finder it does this for you and mounts the file systems too. If that fails, then it's like the filesystem needs to be fsck'd.