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  • R.J.V. Bertin
    R.J.V. Bertin

    How do people here experience the speed of ext2/3 partitions or drives? I use an ext3 partition on a 1Gb CompactFlash card that also has an equal sized FAT32 partition. The ext3 partition is horribly slow: copying a dozen or so files (20Mb) takes 30s, whereas copying the same files to the FAT32 partition takes just over a second. NB: that's including a 'sync' to actually write everything. On my linux systems, both partitions are about equally fast

    I can only assume that it has to do with the filesystem (ext2fsx). Is there a known issue with speed? And is there something that can be done about it

    • FAT32 does not track access times. Updating access times on slow media (like a CF card) can cause a speed hit. I don't think you can turn off access time udpates filesystem wide, only on individual inodes.