#4 Error -2122


Just tried copy A folder containing 9 files which all together is 4.5GB
from A HFS+ Journaled disk to a freshly partitioned ext2 disk and got an
error -2122?



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    Weird. The only error code I could find for -2122 is a QuickTime file format
    error (ASDBadHeaderErr). This could be because the Finder is mapping a
    Unix error from ext2 to some bad Carbon error.

    Couple of things to try:

    1) Copy the folder from the command line:
    cp -R myfolder /Volumes/myext2disk/

    This will return the actual Unix error which will help me more.

    2) Copy each file one at a time and see if the error occurs for
    one particular file (from the Finder and command line). This may be a
    problem with extra large files (> 1GB).


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  • John Peel
    John Peel

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    This is kind of long but I got the same error as the original poster plus some
    other not very promising results.

    I just go the same error when trying some similar stuff. I installed 1.0a2 and
    tried mounting a firewire drive formatted on a linux box. When it was not
    recognized I reformatted it using disk utility on my OS X box. Everything
    worked fine and I decided to run some tests. I tried copying a 46.5 MB folder
    onto the drive using drag and drop methods. I also got the Error -2122 as
    described above. When I checked the drive ot see what had been written, if
    anything, it only created two directories - the main folder and the first
    directory alphabetically in the tree. No actual files were written. I then went
    to delete the file using ctrl+click-move to trash and got a nice friendly
    kernel panic (the one where your system locks and it tells you to force

    I restarted and it got about 80% done on the status bar and hung at 'waiting
    for local discs'. I tried unplugging the drive and it never finished booting. I
    force restarted again and left the drive unplugged and it started fine. I
    plugged the drive back in and got the ever familiar drive not recognized
    screen and it asked if i wanted to initialize. I said no and then proceeded to
    uninstall the ext2fs package. I restarted, re-installed, restarted again and the
    drive showed up fine again. I checked and the folder I had originally tried to
    copy/delete was still on there. I tried to delete it again, and was met with
    exactly the same symptoms as before, system hung, kernel panic, restart,
    hangs while restarting, unplug drive, restarts fine.

    That's all I have for now, I will see what else I can find out and have provided
    more info on my system below. Let me know what other info I can provide to
    help sort this out. Thanks, -John

    System is a TiBook 550 with 512 MB ram running OS X 10.2.6

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    Hmmm. This could be do to some weird name or something. Since you
    mention the files were small, this doesn't seem to be a big file problem.

    2 things you can do for me:

    In Terminal

    tar -czf ~/Desktop/ext2copyfail.tgz <PATH TO SOURCE FOLDER>

    Send the resulting file (ext2copyfail.tgz) to me over e-mail.

    And 2, include a copy of the "panic.log" file in /Library/Logs/ and
    "system.log" in /var/log/.

    Thanks. I appreciate the help.

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    Found the panics mentioned by J Peel. These will be fixed in a3.
    The -2122 error is still eluding me though. I can't find any error
    returns in the ext2 code.

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    The -2122 error seems to be related to copying rsrc forks, since
    cp -p works fine where the Finder fails.

  • Tim Rutter
    Tim Rutter

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    I was the original poster.
    Sorry I have been away for two weeks.
    About "2122 error seems to be related to copying rsrc forks"
    That may very well be the case I just checked the files (All avi's
    by the way) I had retyped them from Quicktime avi's to VLC
    which adds an icns icon and a usro resource which contains the
    path to the app.

    would it be possible to use NTFS stlye DATA/RSRC Fork splitting
    so the rsrc fork is stored as a invisible data file.

    Or would ditto be able to copy the rsrc fork to ext2

    lucky I didnt try to delete the folder!

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    Tim: The Finder basically does the invisble rsrc file thing for you.
    If a filesystem does not natively support rsrc forks the Finder
    (actually, the Carbon file system layer) will automatically create a
    hidden AppleDouble file that contains the rsrc fork and Finder
    info.. This AppleDouble file is the name of the file preceeded by

    As it happens, this file is the cause of this error. I found out from
    a contact at Apple that the -2122 error from the Finder basically
    means that the AppleDouble header in the hidden rsrc file is

    Now the task is to find out what is causing the corruption.

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    Okay, here is where I am currently.

    The Finder (carbon layer) writes the Apple Double header first,
    and then the actual data in another write request. The request
    containing the header is not being written properly, it ends up
    being 0. In fact our VOP_STRATEGY routine gets a buffer of 0
    size. So somewhere between ext2_write and ext2_strategy the
    data is getting clobbered. The size of the header is 82 bytes. I
    thought the small size might be causing the problem, but I
    tested a 52 byte text file and that copied fine.

    I'm going to have to do some more digging.

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    This is fixed in 1.0b2

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