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Ext2 File System Driver for Windows / News: Recent posts

Ext2Fsd V0.35 is released!

Release Notes for Ext2Fsd V0.35

Modifications from V0.31

Bugs Fixed:

1, Corrected change notification message for renaming
2, e2fsck i_size issue: Ext2SetInformation doesn't free
extra blocks when shrinking FileEndOfFileInformation
3, BSOD with symlink since it's treated as a file

Features Newly Implemented:

1, Symbolic link support on most operations but creating
2, Property settings per volume, more flexible
3, Hiding files with specified prefix and suffix
4, Different implements on driver letter assignment
5, CDROM support to mount CD/DVD burned in EXT2 format
6, "Move and Replace (overwrite)" support
7, Install Ext2Mgr as a service... read more

Posted by Matt Wu 2007-12-01

Ext2Fsd 0.31a

Modifications since 0.31:

1, Disable the partition type changing, which causes linux could not boot
2, Add test-signature to AMD64 drivers for vista system

Posted by Matt Wu 2007-01-05

Configuration and install to Vista system with Ext2Fsd 0.31a

Q) How to start ext2fsd under vista AMD64 system

A) Two ways could move you to start Ext2Fsd under vista:

1, Press F8 when booting vista, and select "disable driver
signature checking", this way works if you want only to
try ext2fsd once, you also need remove it after usage.

2, The other way is to use it in test mode:
(Run as Administrator to do the followings)
2.1, adding the Ext2Fsd.cer to system
certmgr.exe /add Ext2Fsd.cer /s /r localMachine root
certmgr.exe /add Ext2Fsd.cer /s /r localMachine trustedpublisher
2.2, enable test signing:
bcdedit.exe /set TESTSIGNING ON
2.3, install the driver package
run setup.bat or ext2fsd install package

Posted by Matt Wu 2007-01-05

Ext2Fsd 0.31 is released!

Screenshots: http://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots.php?group_id=43775

Release Notes:

Release Notes for Ext2Fsd V0.31

Modifications from V0.30

Bugs Fixed:

1, Wrong ERESOURCE referenced in Ext2DeleteFile
2, Stale path name referenced for directory notification
3, Codepage names inconsistent between Ext2Fsd and Ext2Mgr

Features Newly Implemented:... read more

Posted by Matt Wu 2006-11-06

Ext2Fsd 0.30 is released!

Release Notes for Ext2Fsd V0.30

Modifications from V0.25

Main Bugs Fixed:

1, Incorrect removable media support
2, Wrong file size, timestamps reporting
3, Some minor memory leaks
4, Improper usage of ERESOURCE locking
5, Wrong handling of some special I/O
6, Incorrect codepage loading sequence
7, Mke2fs is much improved

Main Features Newly Supported:... read more

Posted by Matt Wu 2006-10-22

Latest ext2fsd (May 24, 2006)

I put the latest ext2fsd to http://ext2fsd.sourceforge.net/latest/

Many changes are made since 0.25a, but I have no enough time for more testings.

Next month I might have time for ext2fsd and make a new release.



Posted by Matt Wu 2006-05-24

Codepage support corrected!

Posted by Matt Wu 2005-09-23

Ext2Fsd 0.25 is released!

Modifications from V0.24

Bug Fixed:

1, File allocation blocks are not freed when being deleted
2, Other minor modifications on the program logics ...

Features Newly Supported:

1, Floppy support implemented.
2, Win64 (AMD opteron, X86 64) supported.

Tasks to do next step for 0.26

1, codepage / read-only attributes support per mounting
2, network sharing: oplock support to be implemented

Posted by Matt Wu 2005-07-27

Ext2Fsd 0.24 is released!

Release Notes for Ext2Fsd V0.24

Modifications from V0.23

Bug Fixed:

1, Codepage support errors fixed.
2, Ext2LookupFileName: should fail when it's not a real path.
3, Ext2FastIoQueryNetworkOpenInfo: Fcb not initialized.

Features Newly Supported:

1, Sparse file support.
2, Setup and config tools by Jared Breland.

Thanks to:
David Ho "davidHo_at_nanometrics.ca",
Jared Breland "jbreland_at_legroom.net"... read more

Posted by Matt Wu 2005-03-30

Ext2Fsd v0.23 is released !

Release Notes for Ext2Fsd V0.23

Modifications from V0.22b

Bug Fixed:

The following two bugs caused most of the BSODs about removable medias.
1, Ext2ReadSync: Thread stack is paged out, which casues "Event" is invalid.
2, Ext2InitializeVcb: Ext2Global->McbList is referred before initializing.

Features Newly Supported:

1, Multi codepages supported... read more

Posted by Matt Wu 2005-01-09

Ext2Fsd v0.22b is released !

Ext2Fsd is an open source Ext2 file system driver for Windows (NT/2K/XP). "Explorer" your linux ext2 volumes with ease under windows systems.

Release Notes for Ext2Fsd V0.22b

Modifications from V0.22a

Bugs Fixed:

1, Deleting and copying files from/to a directory frequently corrupts the directory.
E2fsck will report "directory corrupted". This bug is cuased by Ext2AddEntry.... read more

Posted by Matt Wu 2004-11-05

Ext2Fsd v0.22a is released !


Release Notes for Ext2Fsd V0.22a

Modifications from V0.22

Bugs Fixed:

1, Fsck error reports: "inode is in use, but has dtime set." for deleted directories.
This bug caused by non-zero i_links_count of deleted directory inode.

2, When many files (Normally > 255 files, reported by Zhoujingg) are deleted, the dir
entry may cross blocks, which will cause ext2/ext3 driver could not correctly read
the directory entries.... read more

Posted by Matt Wu 2004-10-31

Ext2Fsr v0.2 released !

Ext2 File System Recognizer by Matt
Ext2Fsr - V 0.2

Modifications from V0.1:

Integrate the patch from AG <andrew_golovnia@ukr.net>.

Matt <mattwu@163.com>

Posted by Matt Wu 2004-10-04

Ext2Fsd 0.22 released !

Release Notes for Ext2Fsd V0.22

Modifications from V0.21

Bugs Fixed:

1, Mcb part overflows the stack
2, Delay-writing errors: cache lost
3, Bad file type for newly created files

Features Newly Supported:

1, Optimize the Mcb management part and the function of Ext2SaveGroup
2, Big files (> 4G) accessing

Thanks to:

1, AG <andrew_golovnia@ukr.net> for the patch about Ext2Fsr and advices on Ext2Fsd.
2, Zhoujinggao <zhoujingg@sohu.com> for the clue about Mcb management.
3, Laurent <linuxtransition@free.fr> for his link (in French).
4, Many Ext2Fsd users. I also say my sorry that I didn't answer some mails from you.... read more

Posted by Matt Wu 2004-10-04

Ext2Fsd v0.21 is released.

Modifications from V0.20

Bugs Fixed:

1, Ext2Flush does not complete the IRP for READ_ONLY mode.
2, Delayed close tries to refer completed Irps.
3, Directory content does NOT ends with zero-inode entry. Ext2ScanDir
and Ext2QueryDirectory do a wrong way to enum entries. Thanks to
"Bomb" <bomb_hero@163.com>
4, Ext2MountVolume still returns STATUS_SUCCESS for non-ext2 volumes.
5, Ext2SetRenameInfo always treats "Rename" as "Move"... read more

Posted by Matt Wu 2004-06-09

Ext2Fsd v0.20 is released.

Release Notes for Ext2Fsd V0.20

Modifications from V0.10A

1, Merge Petr Borsodi's patches for several problems.
2, Unicode/OEM characters support.?
3, Change notifications is supported.
4, Totally Optimize and upgrade.?
5, ......

Release Notes for Ext2Fsd V0.10a
==================================... read more

Posted by Matt Wu 2003-12-26

Mke2fs v0.02 is public!

Project Mke2fs v0.02 is public now.

Mke2fs for Winnt/2k/xp V0.02
Format a file or volume to ext2 format file system.

Author: Matt <mattwu@163.com>
Homepage: http://ext2.yeah.net

Usage: Mke2fs [-c|-t|-l filename] [-b block-size] [-f fragment-size]
[-i bytes-per-inode] [-N number-of-inodes]
[-m reserved-blocks-percentage] [-o creator-os] [-g blocks-per-group]
[-L volume-label] [-M last-mounted-directory] [-O feature[,...]]
[-r fs-revision] [-R raid_opts] [-qvSV] volumename [blocks-count]... read more

Posted by Matt Wu 2003-12-26

Insider v0.11 is released!

Insider v0.11 is released!

FIXME: registers' content are disturbed.

Posted by Matt Wu 2003-12-26

FAQ - Ext2Fsd is updated.

Posted by Matt Wu 2003-01-14

Ext2Fsd - V0.10a is released!

Release Notes for Ext2Fsd V0.10a

Modifications from V0.10

1, FIXME: Deadlock caused by CcPurgeCacheSection for readonly volumes

Posted by Matt Wu 2003-01-14

Ext2fsd - V0.10 is out ! (Refreshed.)

Release Notes for Ext2Fsd V0.10

Modifications from V0.09A

1, Merge xjaguar's patch: Ext2NewInode and Ext2NewBlock fail on one-group ext2 system.

2, Merge Bo Branten's patch: Sync modifications of Romfs.

3, FIXME: Ext2Flush causes crash when shuting down. Thanks Petr Borsodi for his clues.

4, FIXME: Crash when playing media files (mpg, wav ...)... read more

Posted by Matt Wu 2003-01-03

Ext2fsd - V0.09A is released!

Release Notes for Ext2Fsd V0.09A

Modifications from V0.09

1, Add mcb feature to keep cache coherence between volume and file streams

2, Skip "AdvacneOnly" when setting FileEndOfFileInformation.

3, Add file stream dirty flag in order to flush it when cleanup.

4, Some corrections of lock operations

5, Fix volume size reporting in Ext2QueryVolumeInformation... read more

Posted by Matt Wu 2002-08-03

Warnings for Ext2fsd V0.09

Warnings: Not to try writing with this release. There is cache coherence problems. I'll correct it next release. Sorry for inconveniences


Posted by Matt Wu 2002-08-01

Important! V0.09 package is renewed.

The previos package of v0.09 has problems. Try this one. Just overwrite the old files.

Download at http://web.nyist.net/~sysinternals/ext2fsd/ext2fsd-0.09.zip or http://sys.xiloo.com/ext2fsd/ext2fsd-0.09.zip

Sorry for inconveniences.


Posted by Matt Wu 2002-07-26

Ext2fsd V0.09 [writable version] is released.

Release Notes for Ext2Fsd V0.09

Modifications from V0.08

1, Fix some minor bugs

2, Redesign some internal architectures

3, Add writing support (Ext3 is not supported yet.)

1) File write.c: writing functions
2) File flush.c: do flushing
3) File shutdown.c: prepare for system shutdown
4) Many modifications in create.c/fileinfo.c/volinfo.c ...... read more

Posted by Matt Wu 2002-07-25