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How stable is the writing support?

  • David Klotz
    David Klotz

    I have been using the ext2 driver from fs-driver.org (closed source, sadly) for some time for reading and writing to a data (some video editing, music, games, random big stuff) ext2-partition shared between linux and win xp. Now i upgraded to a 64-bit machine using windows xp pro x64 edition and i need a new ext2 driver, because the one from from fs-driver.org is 32bit-only.
    So, i'm unsure how secure is the writing support in ext2fsd?

    • James

      From the release notes:
      "Ext2fsd v0.23 is not strong yet in writing support, I recommend you create a
      little ext2 partition as a swap between winnt and linux or use bosse's filedisk
      to create an image file. Please see faq.txt for detail info of mounting an image
      file as a partition with the help of filedisk.".

      I don't understand why writing would be a problem since the all the specs for ext2 are available.
      I am using fs-driver.org too and I will switch to open source as soon as it seems reliable to write with.

      Maybe you can get the author of fs-driver.org to compile a 64-bit version. :-)

    • I'm using it for read/write for month or so. I've writen more than 100GB to my ext3 partition. I've only problem with copying large >500MB files. Sometimes copying stops with strange 'Disk full' error, although there's enough space on target disk. -- ynezz