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Stopping or limiting the ext2fsd service

  • Is the ability to stop the ext2fsd service unreliable?  I can't get

    net stop ext2fsd

    to stop it.  Net tries to stop it, but fails to do so.

    I notice that there is an EXT2_UNLOAD macro protecting that functionality.  Is the 0.25 binary built with that undefined?

    We wish to start the service, mount an fs, check some files, unmount the fs and stop the service at every boot of XP.

    Rather than unloading the service, is there a way to only allow Local Administrators (or whatever security group) to use the service?  I don't believe stopping people running mount.exe is enough as they can easily download their own copy.

    • Matt Wu
      Matt Wu

      Ext2Fsd does NOT support "STOP" or "UNLOAD" any more. There are various filters on the top of below of file system driver. If you forcely unload the fsd, there might be unexpected NULL structures reference.

      All known windows file systems are NOT supporting "UNLOAD".

      I'm planing to implement security in next version.