Preserve default write acces

  • Misa Kovacevic
    Misa Kovacevic

    Can you please update for folowing, since I need  default write access to ext partitions. Thank you.

    Q) How could I change the volume's codepage and other attributes ?

    A) Right click the Ext2/Ext3 partition or volume in the list with your mouse,
       you could see the menu item of "Ext2 Management", or double click and then
       click the "Properties" button in Properties dialog.

       Do not forget to apply your changes. These settings won't be kept after
       booting, I'll implement it in next version.

       Make sure the ext2fsd service is already started, or you won't get the
       chance of changing ext2 volume information.


  • Anonymous

    I need default write access when starting up windows. Is it possible to save that info ?