• How can I make foreign character filenames show and copy?
    This drive has japanese characters filenames on it.
    I have enabled japanese language support in XP.
    If I open a document in word I see ajapanses correctly.
    I can copy regular english files from ext2 to ntfs.
    But copying the japanese filenames fails.
    Thanks for the work!

    Heres background:
    I'm using version .21

    I have a big 500gb drive.
    Its actually3 drives on an hpt374 raid card.
    Its a 200gb + 200gb + 250gb volume (JBOD).
    The highpoint drive works and shows it as a big drive.
    I can mount the ext2 volume but there is a japanese
    character set on it so any filenames in japanese
    cannot be copied to an ntfs partition.
    I have a copy of paragon mount anything and they
    include support for foreign character sets when you
    mount your drive. But "MOUNT-ANYTHING" doesn't.
    It acts like its mounted and gets a "insufficient system resources for service" message.