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How safe to read ext3 system?

  • How safe is it to just read ext3 systems compared to ext2?

    In faq something is mentioned about ext3:

    Q) Does ext2fsd supprot ext3 filesystem ?

    A)  Ext2Fsd could not understand the journal currently.

    I do not understand this, what does that mean?
    Thanx for a great program!

    • This means that you cannot write to ext3 filesystem because it is not fully supported. Reading a filesystem is not be dangerous.


    • Matt Wu
      Matt Wu

      It could not support the ext3 journal. But ext3 is back compatible with ext2. So ext2fsd can treat ext3 volumes as ext2 and access ext3 volumes without problems.

      But for wirting,  you need modify the registry settings to enable Ext3ForceWriting.

      Before your trying to write, you'd better recover all the journal with fsck.