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#80 Ext2fsd causes Windows to hang while reading KDE Temp files

Kevin McBride

I regularly run Windows at least once a week to run McAfee VirusScan on my system. I use ext2fsd to allow McAfee VirusScan to access my linux partitions. For some reason, McAfee VirusScan keeps hanging on a particular set of files, as shown in the tarball from the URL below. Note that I had to put it in my project space due to SourceForge prohibiting files larger than 250KB to be uploaded to a bug tracker.

I have attempted to move the files to another partition, even one that was not converted to ext4. This still causes the ext2fsd to hang, except in the new location where I moved the files to. The files in question are not FIFOs, so no utility in Windows would be waiting for another process to write to any FIFO while reading the temporary files.

All my linux filesystems were formatted as ext3, and were later converted to ext4 w/o extents to permit ext2fsd to mount them as ext3 partitions. This is partially shown in the tarball, under /etc/fstab. I am glad that the most recent stable ext2fsd can read and write to ext4 partitions that do not use extents.