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Expressions at OpenUsability

I've just registered expressions at

There currently is one open job for the expressions project there [1]: to participate in the expressions survey [2].


Posted by Andrea 2005-08-11

Expressions Survey

We've been talking about it for a long time, and now it's finally there: the expressions blogging survey! 33 questions about your blog and a few other topics. Just a few minutes of your time -- and you can help us make the expressions programs better for you and other people!

Go and fill it in at

Posted by Andrea 2005-08-11

Expressions T-Shirts

To help you help us spread the word about Expressions, and following the principle of "T-shirt-first development" (, there now is a shop for Expressions t-shirts and some other stuff:

A minimal amount of the price (max. $1 per item) goes to the development of Expressions. So far, the design is fairly... let's call it "minimalist". Think you can do better? Send us your ideas!

Posted by Andrea 2005-08-10

Developers, developers, developers

Daniel will bring valuable knowledge of j2me to us, and should be a good help with the rest of the projects as well. With his help we should be able to get out the mobile client a bit faster :)
Since I know him personally I am definitely able to say that we are happy to have him aboard.

Posted by Andreas Löf 2005-03-23

Expressions web site up and running

The expressions project will create both a desktop/laptop and a handheld/cell phone client for mobile blogging. We're now one step further with the project: The web site is up and running (

The web site so far consists of an outline of our vision for the project, of a page where documentation will be linked, and of some information on how to contact us and how to stay informed about the project's progress. In the future, we'll add some more documentation; the first document will contain user stories. After that, we'll look at the requirements for the two clients and start with the design of the user interfaces and the program architecture. And then it's time to start programming ;-) ... read more

Posted by Andrea 2005-03-19

SourceForge project created

The expressions project will develop both a cell phone and a desktop client for mobile blogging. As a first step, we have created a SourceForge project (

The next steps will be to set up a web site with information about our project, and to spread the word. Then we'll start to work on the project by looking at which features we want the cell phone and the desktop client to have -- at the moment, all we've got are some notes scribbled down on a piece of paper (no, not a napkin) during a lunch break ;-)

Posted by Andrea 2005-03-03