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Exponent Content Management System / News: Recent posts

RSS Patch Updated

The RSS Patch has been updated to work with the most current Exponent release. It will also work with the previous 96.5 releases, but users should upgrade to the current release if using previous versions.
RSS will be included in the core system as of our next release on the 1st of December.

Posted by Fred Dirkse 2006-11-10

Exponent 96.5 Released - Addendum

There was a mixup with connecting the proper file packages to the Exponent 96.5 Goodyear release package yesterday, so the previous file packages were still tied to it. This has been corrected, so as of today the proper files should be available.
We apologize for the mixup.

Posted by Fred Dirkse 2006-11-02

Exponent 0.96.5 Released

Exponent-0.96.5-GA is now available for download. The code is considered production ready at this point. Please report any bugs you find via our bug tool at

To recap our last news post, we are moving to a 30 day release schedule in order to follow the "release early, release often" philosophy. This current release is our first release in this new process and is also our long in coming 0.96.5 release. There are not a ton of new features, but the system is stable overall and has various performance enhancements, bug fixes and a handful of new features and tweaks. If bugs are found, please report them A.S.A.P. using our bugtool on our main website. Bugs that are deemed a security vulnerability or are of a production breaking caliber will be fixed immediately and a patch released. Our next full release will be coming out on December 1st, 2006, and will include many new features including new, switchable WYSIWYG editors, as well as all bug fixes identified over the 30 day release period.... read more

Posted by Fred Dirkse 2006-11-02

New release and new schedule

Exponent-0.96.5-Beta2 is now available for download. The code is still considered beta quality, so use with care and please report any bugs you find via our bug tool at

We are moving to a 30 day release schedule in order to follow the "release early, release often" philosophy. This release is intended to be availalbe for bug reporting/fixing for the next 10 days, with the next release coming out on November 1st, 2006. The development team will be fixing submitted bugs as well as integrating new features on an on-going basis, with each consecutive release coming out on the first of each month. Patches will be issued between releases as necessary for break-fix and security reasons.... read more

Posted by Fred Dirkse 2006-10-20

Security Fix and Performance Patch Released

Posted by Fred Dirkse 2006-09-26

RSS Patch Released

We have a released a patch for Exponent 0.96.5 to enable the use of RSS feeds on the News, Calendar and Weblog modules.

You can download the patch from this Files page.

Installation instructions are in the patch archive.

Happy RSSing!

Posted by kessler44 2006-08-03

Exponent 0.96.5 Release Candidate 4 Now Available

The Exponent Development Team is pleased to announce our next Release Candidate (RC) for the upcoming version 0.96.5. You may download it here:

This code is still considered pre-release quality, so use at your own risk. We still do not recommend implementing this release in a production environment yet, but it is certainly of high beta quality and the team feels it is very stable overall.
We welcome and encourage reporting bugs on the Exponent Project Source Forge bug tracker. We will be releasing several more RC cadidates and/or patches to fix issues up to our final GA release. ... read more

Posted by Fred Dirkse 2006-05-18 Sports a Fresh Look

The Exponent Development Team is pleased to announce the release of our newly overhauled community website,

The release of our new design and layout is the next in a series of steps aimed at growing the Exponent community, and is in fact a prime example of a community effort in itself. Over half a dozen Exponent community members contributed design, development, testing, and content editing resources to create our new website.... read more

Posted by Fred Dirkse 2006-05-04

Exponent 0.96.5 Release Candidate 1 Now Available

The Exponent Development Team is pleased to announce our first Release Candidate (RC) for the upcoming version 0.96.5. You may download it here:

This code is considered pre-release, alpha quality, so use at your own risk. We do not recommend implementing this release in a production environment until it reaches full GA release stage, which should be within a couple weeks. There are known and unknown issues in this release. We welcome and encourage reporting bugs on the Exponent Project Source Forge bug tracker. We will be releasing several more RC cadidates and/or patches to fix issues up to our final GA release. ... read more

Posted by Fred Dirkse 2006-04-01

New Exponent Roadmap Released: The Rubber Meets the Road

Please have a look at our newly published roadmap on the website:

The next release change notice, 0.96.5 (codename: Goodyear), is fixed as-is and already in motion in an effort to get the ball moving and get some good code published.

The releases following are open for community discussion and involvement as the teams come together. We are keeping team member information here: read more

Posted by Fred Dirkse 2006-01-26

James Hunt leaves the project; Development Continues

This is my public announcement of my departure from Exponent. I will no longer be a project administrator, or a developer for Exponent.

I am abdicating my position because I do not have the time, or financial resources to continue developing open source software.

Ownership of this project now resides wholly with Fred Dirkse and the OIC Group.

Good luck to all the users who still believe in the system as I once did.... read more

Posted by James Hunt 2006-01-20

Project Status

Greetings all. This is a quick post to let everyone know what we've been up to and where we are heading with the project.
Next release:
It's been a touch over a month since James and OIC have renewed our relationship. Although work, holidays, and other events have kept both James and I very busy over the last month, we have been working hard on code integration/merging, which has proven a very large task. The recent 0.96.4 release has been pulled due to the bugs it contained. We were overzealous in our attempts to show immediate progress and released the code without sufficient testing and we apologize for any issues it has caused. We are now in process of putting in place steps to assure we do not post a similiar buggy release.
We can not give any deadlines just yet, but you can expect some milestone estimates to be announced after the new year. The new code base will include many bug fixes, feature additions, and full i18n functionality.... read more

Posted by Fred Dirkse 2005-12-28

The Future Of Exponent

I am very pleased to announce that OIC Group, Inc and James Hunt have resolved all outstanding issues related to the current and future direction of Exponent and have done so with a universally positive outcome. OIC and James have rekindled their relationship to move forward full speed in a cooperative effort on Exponent development.
Thank you to all who have supported Exponent and stuck with the project over the past several months as we worked things out. You may all look forward to significant progress in all areas of the project. Please bear with us as we gain momentum and get our processes in order.
Many more details will follow shortly regarding copyright and license, direction, team building, upcoming releases, etc.... read more

Posted by Fred Dirkse 2005-11-11

Exponent 0.96.4 Maintenance Release

0.96.4 was released today. This maintenance release addresses most of the security issues that have been formally reported in the bug and vulnerability trackers.

This release also marks the return of myself (James) to the reins of Exponent. For a while it may have looked like Exponent would die, but thanks to the efforts of a few die-hard devotees (thanks Gerrit) we are still here and are soon to make a big comeback. Stay tuned.

Posted by James Hunt 2005-11-10

0.96.3 Is Finally Here!

It's been too long since I released any files, so here is 0.96.3. It's mostly a bugfix release to 0.96.2. It does feature a reworked install wizard which has a new Upgrade feature, and various non-bugfix improvements to areas like image processing.

I am hoping to test through all of the changes for the standalone modules sometime this week, and get those out here on Sourceforge for download.

Posted by James Hunt 2005-05-09

Contest Voting Starts!

The Exponent Logo and Slogan Contests closed on April 10th. A few days and a new module later, and the development team has opened the polls. We have selected five of the highest quality submissions to the Logo Contest and the Slogan Contest. Visit the website to vote today!

Voting will continue until May 10th, at which point one winner for each contest will be declared.

Good luck to all those involved.

Posted by James Hunt 2005-04-16

Exponent Contests Draw to a Close

Well folks, April 10th is quickly heading our way. That means you only have a few days left to submit a logo to our logo contest or a slogan to the slogan contest. As of April 10th, 3:00pm central time (give us a break, we're in Illinois), the Exponent team will stop accepting these submissions, and begin to compile the five best for voting.

We have received quite a few creative slogans (some which aren't all-together politically correct) and some outstanding logo submissions. May the best person win!

Posted by James Hunt 2005-04-08

New Nightly CVS Builds

After getting the go-ahead from the Sourceforge team, we have decided to start generating nightly CVS builds. These are for people who have open support issues, or want to try out bleeding-edge code.

The nightly builds can be downloaded from

We ask that you not report bugs or support problems for these builds (unless you are asked to). It will make things a whole lot easier on the developers.... read more

Posted by James Hunt 2005-03-27

Exponent 0.96.1 Patch Release

I have just finished releasing a new patch release for 0.96.0. You can download the core as either the full version, or as an archive of changed files since 0.96.0.

I also uploaded updated versions of all the add-on modules, with the exception of the SWF mod, which is now standard in 0.96

Posted by James Hunt 2005-03-18

Exponent 0.96.0 Released

The development team has been working away for the last four and half months, putting in new features, fixing bugs and changing things in response to your feedback.

So what's new in 0.96? All kinds of stuff.

Let's start with site administration.

In 0.95, only the administrator had access to the administration control panel. In this version, you have the option of opening up the panel and assigning permission to arbitrary users. Now you can appoint one of your users as a database administrator, or put someone in charge of Users and Groups.... read more

Posted by James Hunt 2005-03-11

Exponent Contests Launched

The Exponent Development Team is proud to announce 2 contests that we are holding. We are looking for a new logo and slogan for the project.

If you are creative and would like to get involved, go to the links below to check out the rules and submit an entry. All submissions must be in by April 10, 2005. Prizes have not yet been selected and will be announced at a later date (although I know must of you will do it simply for the glory and recognition :-) . ... read more

Posted by James Hunt 2005-01-07

New Beta, New Mailling List

Exponent 0.96 has been officially set loose to the beta testers (and anyone else interested in testing). It can be downloaded from the downloads page.

In order for the team to keep in touch with beta testers without annoying other people, we have set up a new mailling list. Send a blank email to beta-subscribe at exponentcms dot org to subscribe to it and receive news about the state of the beta testing.

Posted by James Hunt 2004-12-21

Release Announcements Mailling List Started

Because more and more people seem to be interested in Exponent, the development team has started a release announcements mailling list. Send an email to announce-subscribe at to subscribe to the list.

The list is low-traffic, and used mainly as a means to inform people about new releases, without making them visit the project page every day.

Posted by James Hunt 2004-12-21

Exponent 0.95.0-stable Released

We are happy to announce the latest release of the Exponent Content Management System, 0.95.0-stable. Since our initial release in November, we have received a lot of user feedback, which has been incorporated into this release, including the following:

- The ability to override auto-detected settings, for special case configurations.
- A robust compatibility layer for backwards compatibility with older versions of PHP, back to 4.1.0
- Redirection problems and bug fixes, for both IIS and Apache servers.
- Image previewing support for servers without GD support.

Posted by James Hunt 2004-12-21

Exponent 'Add-on' modules Released

Four new file packages are available for download at the Sourceforge download page for Exponent. Each package contains all of the files for a single module that can be added to a running Exponent installation (any version will work, but 0.96alpha2 and 0.95rc3 are recommended).

These are alpha packages, so don't download them if you aren't interested in playing with potentially buggy code. We've been using them for the past few weeks, and they seem to be rather solid. However, they are marked as alphas (v0.5) because they are still incomplete in certain areas.... read more

Posted by James Hunt 2004-12-15