#82 New libtool, use automake, port to windows ce

Marcus Brinkmann


I saw requests for updating libtool, something I also need for the Windows CE port. This patch does this, and also makes expat use automake. I found that auto-tools are happiest if they work together. I hope you find this setup convenient, you get all the standard features this way (make distcheck for example).

The patch also adds support for Windows CE.

As expat is a dependency of dbus-daemon, we are very interested in seeing the Windows CE port merged for the KDE project. Please let me know if there are any issues you want to see resolved, and with any other questions and suggestions. I can help you with other auto-tools related problems as well, if necessary.


  • Add new libtool, automake and w32ce support.

  • mingw32ce is similar to cegcc in that it does not have usable libtool wrappers, so they should be disabled. This needs to happen in upstream libtool, but for the time being the following patch helps with that. Please consider to apply it if you accept the other patch.

  • fix wrapper problem on libtool

  • On mingw32ce targets, the libtool wrappers don't work. The second patch disables them for the time being (should be in upstream libtool, but isn't yet).