#417 Segfault after removing character data handler

Test Required

Removing the character data handler from within the
character data handler while character data remains to
be reported causes a call to a NULL pointer (generally
followed by a memory access violation of your
platform's favorite flavor).

If the XML_StopParser() API has been called, this is
not a problem with the version in CVS.

This is admittedly an odd use case. The recent fixes
to make the XML_StopParser() calls supported makes the
parser behave well when accessed from languages that
support exceptions (the host language API can call
XML_StopParser to abort further work from Expat when an
exception occurs). The case of a character data
handler removing itself is unusual (in context, there
can be no calls to anything else other than a decoding

I think there are two possible solutions:

1) Document that the character data handler cannot
remove itself without calling XML_StopParser(). This
avoids introducing a performance penalty for really
this really odd case, but I don't know how bad testing
for a NULL value would really be at this point, since
there are a few other checks and an indirect assignment.

2) Add a check that the character data handler is still
set before the loop goes around again, and fall back to
the defaultHandler for the remaining data. This would
introduce a single check for a NULL pointer in the loop
in the XML_TOK_DATA_CHARS case in doContent().

I've attached a patch with a test case that
demonstrates this bug; the test generates a segfault on


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  • Karl Waclawek
    Karl Waclawek

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    I think in most cases this is not a problem. The general
    parsing loop in doContent() always checks if the
    characterDataHandler is set first. In the specific case you
    mentioned, there is a loop within the general loop, and in
    that internal loop there is no check for NULL. We could, for
    instance, pull the NULL check inside the loop, like your 2nd
    case, and the result would look like this:

    if (MUST_CONVERT(enc, s)) {
    for (;;) {
    if (characterDataHandler) {
    ICHAR *dataPtr = (ICHAR *)dataBuf;
    XmlConvert(enc, &s, next, &dataPtr, (ICHAR
    *eventEndPP = s;
    characterDataHandler(handlerArg, dataBuf,
    (int)(dataPtr - (ICHAR
    if (s == next)
    *eventPP = s;
    else if (characterDataHandler) {
    (XML_Char *)s,
    (int)((XML_Char *)next -
    (XML_Char *)s));
    else if (defaultHandler)
    reportDefault(parser, enc, s, next);

    I am not sure if the performance penalty is that high.

  • Karl Waclawek
    Karl Waclawek

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    The same issue also exists in the doCdataSection() function,
    and I think the solution I suggested (putting the check if
    the character data handler is set into the internal loop)
    also solves bug # 1515266, as I described there.

    For the case where there is only one call-back, this should
    not be a performance penalty at all, as there still would be
    only one check if the handler is set.

    Attached as xmlparse.c.diff (Internal loop solution) - this
    also fixes the doCdataSection() function.

  • Karl Waclawek
    Karl Waclawek

    Internal loop solution with docs

  • Karl Waclawek
    Karl Waclawek

    Logged In: YES

    I replaced my last attachment with one that includes an
    update to the docs (reference.html). This solution should
    fix issue # 1515266 as well. I intend to commit this soon,
    if no objections are made.

    Note to Fred: I took out your test for XML_FINISHED and
    XML_SUSPENDED, as it currently introduces an issue for
    XML_SUSPENDED, and inconsistent behaviour for XML_FINISHED.

    We can discuss special treatment of aborting vs. suspending
    (i.e. ensure no more call-backs when aborting) later, but
    even as it is, subsequent call-backs can be suppressed by
    setting the affected handlers to NULL.

  • Karl Waclawek
    Karl Waclawek

    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Karl Waclawek
    Karl Waclawek

    Logged In: YES

    Applied patch in xmlparse.c rev. 1.156 and reference.html
    rev. 1.71. Please let nme know if we should discuss special
    treatment of aborting vs. suspending.

  • Karl Waclawek
    Karl Waclawek

    Logged In: YES

    Applied an improved patch that preserves default handler
    failover logic. See xmlparse.c rev. 1.158. Docs updated as
    well. Python compatibility still needs testing.

  • Karl Waclawek
    Karl Waclawek

    • milestone: --> Test Required
  • Karl Waclawek
    Karl Waclawek

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    Originator: NO

    Assigned to Fred for testing.

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