EXPAD Plugin Development

The EXPAD Plugins are a small part of the EXPAD application that gives you more features and or implementation. Though plans for the plugins are still in a development to-do we were able to complete one for the next development beta release. The plugin is the Windows Registry Key for EXPAD that allows you to make EXPAD the default editor for .txt files and so on. It also gives it EXPAD's icon. More features are also done but we don't have time to explain. More information can be found in the Develoment Beta 0.4 Release or the source code release. The source code for the plugin is also available with Development Beta 0.4's source codes. We are hoping for some developers to at least sign up for this also. For more information contact expad@empirex.net.

Posted by Olajide Olaolorun 2004-04-04