Well as we said, we have finally released the Development Beta today. This is the first Development Beta and we now it isn't much but the main idea is to get more opinions from you, the public. The source code is also available for free and everything is GNU protected. Feel free to use them all but please give credit. We are still looking for about 3 more developers to join in and if you are interested please send an email to The next due release is anytime. Can be tomorrow or next month but the next full release will be on the opening of To give the developers a info before they donload the source code, it was developed using Dev C++ from BloodShed and it is a great tool. More information will be posted later on. Also check the notes on the release for more information and our log. Thanks again and happy easter in advance.... :)

Posted by Olajide Olaolorun 2004-03-27