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ExodusII / News: Recent posts

New release exodusii-4.81

Bring up-to-date with Sandia version 4.81:

Fixed typos in entity type in truth table routine

Add option to define node and element maps singly instead of both at one time

Remove old float/double conversion code no longer used with new method

Update test files to contain new version number

Modify so EXODUS_LARGE_MODEL message only output once (per processor)

Reordered definition of attribute and connectivity arrays in expclb. For some reason, this does not result in junk being written to
attribute name database where the old order did. Both new and old run clean in valgrind...... read more

Posted by Gregory Sjaardema 2009-02-16

New release exodusII-4.75

Updated to Sandia version 4.75:

Fix problem with nodeset distribution factor length for zero-length nodesets

Fix memory leak in expinix.c

The ex_get_file_item count returns an integer. In a couple cases, it was being compared to a size_t which can be unsigned. If the integer
was negative, it was comparing as greater than the size_t due to implicit casting of the int to size_t by the compiler. Not sure why there were no warnings about this...... read more

Posted by Gregory Sjaardema 2008-07-16

New release exodusII-4.71

Sync version with latest SNL version. Includes API cleanup; netcdf modernization, and other bug fixes.

Posted by Gregory Sjaardema 2008-02-20

New release exodusII-4.61

Latest synchronization with internal Sandia version. Bug fixes on the new face/edge/element block/set support. Internal cleanups; better large model supprot.

Posted by Gregory Sjaardema 2007-10-08

New release exodusII-4.46

A new version of exodusII has been released. This version includes full support for edges and faces. The library handling of node, edge, face, and element sets and blocks has been unified to make it more consistent.

Posted by Gregory Sjaardema 2006-11-28

New release exodusII-4.35

The latest changes from Sandia have been uploaded to this site. The major changes are:

  • Support for nodeset and sideset results variables.

  • Addtion of entity names for element blocks, sidesets, nodesets, element maps, node maps, element attributes

  • Multiple optional named node and element maps which can be used for any purpose.

  • Additional API functions which should make it easier to write models efficiently. Also added some generic functions which apply to multiple entities instead of a function per entity type.... read more

Posted by Gregory Sjaardema 2006-04-12