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New release exodusii-4.81

Bring up-to-date with Sandia version 4.81:

Fixed typos in entity type in truth table routine

Add option to define node and element maps singly instead of both at one time

Remove old float/double conversion code no longer used with new method

Update test files to contain new version number

Modify so EXODUS_LARGE_MODEL message only output once (per processor)

Reordered definition of attribute and connectivity arrays in expclb. For some reason, this does not result in junk being written to
attribute name database where the old order did. Both new and old run clean in valgrind...

Fix problem in stripping trailing blanks. If name consisted of only blanks, then code would run off front of variable and access the memory location right before the start of the name.

Fix get object truth vector function to handle blocks with zero entities. There was a warning that was returning early which skipped the filling of the truth vector.

There were a few of the newer partial read/write functions that were missing a declaration in the include file.

Fixed compilation of partial read test program.

Added partial-read/write functions. for getting/putting coordinates, attributes, and nodal variables.

Posted by Gregory Sjaardema 2009-02-16