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Read Me

NOTE: All nemesis api functions are now included in the exodus library.
      For almost all functions, the "ne_" portion of the function name
      is replaced by "ex_".  For example, "ne_put_init_info" in the nemesis
      API is now "ex_put_init_info" in the exodus API.  

      The exceptions are:
      * "ne_put_version" is "ex_put_nemesis_version"
      * "ne_get_node_map" is "ex_get_processor_node_maps"
      * "ne_put_node_map" is "ex_put_processor_node_maps"
      * "ne_get_elem_map" is "ex_get_processor_elem_maps"
      * "ne_put_elem_map" is "ex_put_processor_elem_maps"

      The nemesis library can still be used, but all functions are 
      simply implemented as wrappers that call the corresponding  
      exodus API function.

      Unless you are building a legacy code that uses the nemesis API,
      it is best to just use the exodus API and library.