Several of us are looking into creating a web-forms based administration client for eXist.  We have some very early analysis we would like to share with the eXist development team.

The tools will be optionally loaded as a set of applications.

For example the application path might be:


For the user manager and


We know that we will have a user-manager form and a few other small XForms but it seems the most complicated portion is a tool that will allow the user to browse to a specific collection and then take an action.  We will start with a very simple browser that has a path of HTML links but we may add a more complex JQuery tree browser in the future.

There is a sample collection browser here:

We have identified 22 possible actions and we have created a small database of each action so they can be prioritized and assigned to our team.

A listing is here:

Some of these actions will be very simple.  A form with simple text fields.  For example the rename function will be very simple.

Other actions such as "edit index" will be much more complex since it must guild the user through the process of creating indexes on the correct elements.

So our questions are: Is this a sufficient list to start?  What items are missing?  How would you prioritize each collection action?

Please let us know if you have any feedback.

- Dan

Dan McCreary
Semantic Solutions Architect
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