Since the query processor has gotten stricter with the new update I have ran into a few things which don't work anymore. One of which produces this somewhat cryptic message:

ERROR cannot convert xs:boolean('true') to a node set

Which I know can be caused by a number of things, but in my case it was this code:

let $resolved-additional-atts := for $att-ref in $attUses[not(@default or @required="true")]
                    return $att-ref/@ref

Specifically: not(@default or @required="true")

It was very hard to find because the processor did not report the error on the correct line, instead it reported it several functions up in the execution stack. I had to walk through the xquery with log pushes to find the problem.

To fix it, I simply changed the statement to a different equivalent boolean logic: not(@default) and not(@required="true")

I'm sure there is a good reason for this, but the obscurity was pretty irritating. Hopefully I can help someone that finds themselves in a similar problem.


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