Hi Wolfgang,

Adding getEditor works fine.


2013/8/30 <wolfgang@exist-db.org>
Hi Wouter,

> How can I connect to eXide events without directly hacking your code? Is
> there a simple API to the eXide.app object? Perhaps I can just bind to the
> updateStatus method?

I did not think about an api yet, but it's relatively easy to plug into the existing events. You will need to change eXide.js though: 1) add a method getEditor() to eXide.app, 2) change the afterInitCallback function in the main call to eXide.app.init and add

eXide.app.getEditor().addEventListener("saved", function(doc) {

to the end. Pull requests are welcome if you can figure out a more elegant, general approach ;-)



W.S. Hager
Lagua Web Solutions