Hi Everyone,

I've recently realized that the UPDATE_DOCUMENT_EVENT trigger is called when ever a node level update is run (ie: update insert $blah into $blaher) is run from an XQuery. This can cause several problems, mostly with versioning and efficiency. I didn't think this was the intended behavior, if I refer to Wolfgang's statements from an older thread:

"Yes. The versioning trigger is not enabled for node level updates.
Creating a new revision for every small update would be overkill."

I have a proposal that I think solves everyone's needs, and since I've already done a good bit of work with the triggers in the trunk (mostly just allowing multiple triggers for a single event), I'm happy to implement it if we can agree it's the correct path.

I think we should simply add another event ("XQUERY_MODIFICATION_DOCUMENT_EVENT" perhaps?). This way we can still react to node level updates when we want to, but not be forced to when we only want to consider updates from an xmldb:store().



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