Nick, if it helps I could quickly ssh in and take a look if it suits you?

On 5 Dec 2013 05:23, "Nick Sincaglia" <> wrote:
Just to be clear about the problem I am experiencing, there is a scheduler app on the dashboard (/apps/dashboard/index.html). When I click on it, it lists several Running Xqueries and has several items in the scheduled Jobs tab.

The problem I am experiencing is that I when I try to call the scheduler:schedule-xquery-cron-job() function in my code, eXist-db complains that "err:XPST0081 No namespace defined for prefix scheduler"

In the past, I would manually include the exist-scheduler.jar file in $EXIST_HOME/lib/extensions, enable the module in conf.xml and set scheduler = true in /extensions/ and then run After that, I was able to schedule and unschedule the running of my Xquery code.

Has anything changed with scheduler? It sounds like it is no longer needed to manually include the jar? How can I be sure my code can reference it?

The documentation makes reference to the conf.xml settings ( but it does not mention the file. Am I doing anything wrong? Do I need to include an import statement at the top of my code like I do with other modules like ft-client? Perhaps something like this?
import module namespace scheduler = "";


On Dec 4, 2013, at 7:17 PM, Nick Sincaglia wrote:

> Hi Wolfgang,
> I finally found time to start from scratch and create a brand new ec2 instance, checked out the develop branch from git-hub and compiled from source.
> I do have a lib/extensions/exist-modules.jar file, however, when I run the command 'jar tfv lib/extensions/exist-modules.jar | grep -e Scheduler', I do not get any output.
> I deleted the lib/extensions/exist-modules.jar file and reran and the file was created again at the build. However, when I run the command 'jar tfv lib/extensions/exist-modules.jar | grep -e Scheduler', I still do not get any output.
> Nick
> On Nov 28, 2013, at 3:27 PM, wrote:
>>> 2013-11-28 16:37:48,377 [WrapperListener_start_runner] ERROR
>>> ( [lookupModuleClass]:457) - Configuration problem: class
>>> not found for module ''
>>> (ClassNotFoundException);
>>> class:'org.exist.xquery.modules.scheduler.SchedulerModule';
>>> message
>> This is strange. The class should be in lib/extensions/exist-modules.jar. Could try to search for it?
>> jar tfv lib/extensions/exist-modules.jar | grep -e Scheduler
>> 2280 Thu Nov 28 22:24:32 CET 2013 org/exist/xquery/modules/scheduler/SchedulerModule.class
>> If the class is not in there, remove exist-modules.jar and run again.
>> Wolfgang

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