Turner-san wrote:

However this probably won't hold users back from asking on the list first. As Adam said - if we 'encourage' to ask questions on SO first and come back for discussion if needed.

See Polymer project: they have a prominent message on top always saying 'Please ask questions on SO' while having a google group for discussions. Using SO for questions builds a knowledge base of qualified answers- to find answers in mailinglists is harder.

Excellent suggestion. Specifically, where would such a notice go?
Just would appreciate if more frequent users might step forward and consider posting questions on SO first so others can profit from that later. 

I think that like Wolfgang, I live in a time zone that misses out on replying in a timely matter. Every time I get a notification, it's been answered already. Some day I'll get an answer in on time.

Michael Westbay
Writer/System Administrator