On 26 Nov 2013, at 22:24, Dr Josef Karthauser <joe@karthauser.co.uk> wrote:
On 26 Nov 2013, at 21:49, wolfgang@exist-db.org wrote:

"org.exist.launcher.UtilityPanel$7.run()","40.38023","210697.21 ms","1180"
"org.apache.log4j.spi.LocationInfo.<init>(Throwable, String)","1.9824041","10343.849 ms","176"

Strange. Any idea why?

No, I guess thereís no new content added to the console messages. Iíll keep this panel open and see if I experience the same issue after a while.

And here's something else. The 'X' icon in the menu bar on my mac - when I click on that nothing is happening. Normally the control menu opens up - so something is definitely not quite right.

I'm going to kill it now - it's eating too much battery :). If it happens again I'll report on it.