Cool so an XForms approach :-)

When discussing with Achille on IRC last night, he was just using HTML Forms, so I suggested that he use jQuery on the client side to listen to events generated by changes in the first select box, then do an ajax request to eXist-db to get the data for the second select box.

On 21 April 2011 11:14, Raja <> wrote:
Hi Achille !!!

use the attached sample code for your dependent combo requirement... Enjoy ..

Rajamani marimuthu.
XRX Team

On 04/21/11, achille mbougueng <> wrote:

I use exist  an i have  an rdf file
I have two select in a form.
the first takes a simple select and the second a select multiple.i would like  the values ​​taken by the second select to be linked to those of the first select

initially  the 2nd select does(and displays) nothing it  is empty
 the  first select contains math and computer
if a user choose math in the  first, the second  displays just arithmetic, geometry and statistics,

if a user choose computer the second displays just networks and web development

how to do it please?

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