I am currently working on the system module and have to create the schema for it.  I found a problem with the results from get-running-jobs and get-scheduled-jobs.  Both use the root of jobs and then have an element of job for each job.  The problem is that the running jobs uses the following attributes:

  1. id
  2. action
  3. start
  4. info

and the scheduled jobs uses the following attributes:

  1. name
  2. group
  3. triggerName
  4. startTime
  5. endTime
  6. fireTime
  7. nextFireTime
  8. finalFireTime
  9. triggerExpression
  10. triggerState
  11. running

This does not make for a nice XML Schema for the element job.  I am thinking that I change the element for scheduled jobs to scheduledJob for a better schema.

There is another thing for the addition of the XML Schemas into the xqDoc.  Can we indicate the root element from the XML Schema in our URI, or do we need an additional tag of @root after @schema?

The returned item from each of these calls has the same namespace, but different structure.

- collection
- resource

- job

- xquery


On Oct 16, 2012, at 4:06 PM, Loren Cahlander <loren.cahlander@gmail.com> wrote:

I will start a branch off of trunk and start the work then.  Get the java function modules with the optional XML Schemas in the signature.

Once I get the mechanism in place, I am hoping that the community can aid in making sure that we identify and have the up to date XML Schemas necessary for the internal function modules.

On Oct 16, 2012, at 3:56 PM, Wolfgang Meier <wolfgang@exist-db.org> wrote:

Hi Loren,

I certainly like the idea. The XQuery parser just stores the raw XQDoc comment to avoid loosing time during normal compilation. The comment is later parsed upon request, so the additional schema field could be extracted there and the schema file retrieved.


Am Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012 um 22:49 schrieb Loren Cahlander:

Hello Wolfgang,

I know that my idea would need to go into a later release, but I would like to have your feedback on the idea. I can go through the Java functions to add the schema, but need an agreed upon concept for this. It would eventually need to be added to the XQuery parser.