On 23/12/10 18:28, Dannes Wessels wrote:
I am happy to present a developer preview of the upcoming eXist-db 1.4.1 release (marked subversion revision 13444).

Well, I've been happy to test it. What I did:

Platform: Linux  (Ubuntu 10.10)
JDK: OpenJDK (6b20-1.9.2-0ubuntu2)

I installed to a custom location within my home directory: OK
I restored a couple of web applications (much full text indexing, range indexes): OK
I switched from xalan to saxon9: OK
i tried the webapps: OK

that's what I did; from this limited testing I see no issues with this version of eXist in my setting. Sorry for the brevity of the testing.

So my conclusion: Very well done and thank you very much!

I just would like to comment on the future of the installer (not the 1.4x releases, I think).

It would be great if it were possible to install a minimal eXist, with just everything in place to have a running instance. That means, without all the webapp code, and libraries that are not required for running eXist in a minimal configuration (ie just the REST server, the xmlrpc stuff and the java admin client). While it is undoubtedly very handy for a beginner to have all the documentation at hand, I sometimes find it strange having to install the eXist website on my computer.

An option in the installer to use Saxon instead of Xalan would be great, but I think trunk switched to saxon anyway, right?

For me, an even greater thing than all this would be a .deb package/or preferably packages. I could imagine that many people running servers would really love to see something like that. I have several times been close to do it myself, but then there always were other things to do.

Again thanks to all contributors for the great work,

and of course a smooth transition to 2011,