Hi roman,

In order to use the replication extension you need to build the extension first. Adding jar files is not sufficient.

The messaging module is not enabled by default because the jars are too large and the usage is limited yet. I will create and release a xar file in the near future with additional management features.

How to build is documented on the well known locations. Where did you find out about this module? It is actually the in the only "official" documentation on exist-db.org

Additionally i need to verify if the Module can be used at all, but I don't think this is the case; I did not put sufficient focus on this module yet. The quality need to be improved and optimizations need to be applied before it can be used.

Note: the replication extension itself can be used for production servers.

I 'll verify early next week but I think I'd recommend not to use it.



Dannes Wessels

On 28 aug. 2013, at 15:04, Roman Klein <rklein@rote-liste.de> wrote:

Dear all,
I expected the messagingModule to be part of the eXist 2.1  build, to send and receive jms-messages via ActiveMQ.
So I installed exist-2.1, and put the ActiceMQ-all.jar to the lib/user folder, but the messaging prefix is not valid.
I enabled java-bindings and defined the prefix as follows:
import module namespace messaging="http://exist-db.org/xquery/messaging" at “java:org.exist.messaging.xquery.MessagingModul";
but still the prefix is not valid.
Is this module part of the standard 2.1 jar-installer?
If not, what to do to make use of this Module.
Thanks in advance

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