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the conference is in two weeks ; access to the pre-conference friday is free for every one…….


See you on the 10th!



On Saturday, January 7, 2012 at 15:27 , Dannes Wessels wrote:


We are happy to announce the eXist-db users group meeting at the new 'official' pre-conference day of XML prague 2012! This special day is the best opportunity of the year to meet the eXist-db developers and the eXist-db community.

The program will be set in the next few weeks, but it will certainly consist of presentations, discussions and demonstrations. An informational web page (e.g. for registration) will be published soon. 

Call for presentations/showcases/demos:
We would like to invite you to show us your eXist-db based project, application, product, thesis or your 5 minutes demo. Please contact us via info@exist-db.org for your ideas and suggestions.

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Dannes Wessels

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