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[r9974] by dizzzz

[ignore] cleaning up svn/trunk

2009-09-01 21:45:56 Tree
[r9973] by dizzzz

[ignore] cleaning up svn/trunk

2009-09-01 21:42:14 Tree
[r9972] by dizzzz

[ignore] cleaning up svn/trunk

2009-09-01 21:40:29 Tree
[r9971] by wolfgang_m

[ignore] when applying a stylesheet within the serializer, warnings from the xslt processor should be logged but not lead to an exception.

2009-09-01 21:39:44 Tree
[r9970] by dizzzz

[ignore] preparing 1.4rc

2009-09-01 21:39:33 Tree
[r9969] by dizzzz

[ignore] cleaning up svn/trunk

2009-09-01 21:38:34 Tree
[r9968] by dizzzz

[ignore] added place holder for contributed projects

2009-09-01 21:35:20 Tree
[r9967] by dizzzz

[ignore] exist-1.3 will never be released....

2009-09-01 21:32:59 Tree
[r9966] by dizzzz

[ignore] last minute update regarding validation documentation.

2009-09-01 21:05:31 Tree
[r9965] by wolfgang_m

[examples] added another simple XForms example to demonstrate PUT/GET on the db.

2009-09-01 15:15:33 Tree
[r9964] by shabanovd

[ignore] xsl caching going to be enabled by default.

2009-09-01 15:12:00 Tree
[r9963] by ixitar

[documentation] updating the date on the documentation pages and adding a press link in the sidebar to an Atom feed in

2009-09-01 14:48:09 Tree
[r9962] by wolfgang_m

[ignore] added new attribute "caching" to conf.xml schema

2009-09-01 13:16:22 Tree
[r9961] by wolfgang_m

[ignore] set EXIST HOME environment variable in wrapper.conf

2009-09-01 13:12:28 Tree
[r9960] by dizzzz

[bugfix] updated irc logger, removed syntax error (XPST0003 : Invalid character in entity name (=) or missing ;)

2009-09-01 13:11:27 Tree
[r9959] by wolfgang_m

[website] remove "view source" links which do not work right now.

2009-09-01 13:01:21 Tree
[r9958] by wolfgang_m

[ignore] stylesheet caching should be enabled by default.

2009-09-01 12:22:27 Tree
[r9957] by shabanovd

[feature] The option "caching" at xsl transformer (conf.xml).
You can enable or disable xsl caching by this option.
The option is set to "no", by default.

2009-09-01 11:37:23 Tree
[r9956] by wolfgang_m

[website] fixed namespace support for xforms (Content-Type needs to be text/html). Removed all xsltforms examples which are not related to eXist and have not been tested to work properly. Only keep the examples we know to work.

2009-09-01 10:55:15 Tree
[r9955] by dizzzz

[ignore] made validation functions more robust. streams are always closed now.

2009-09-01 08:29:44 Tree
[r9954] by ellefj

[ignore] updated ircbot's classpath.

2009-09-01 08:09:49 Tree
[r9953] by dizzzz

[bugfix] avoid NPE

2009-09-01 07:47:18 Tree
[r9952] by dizzzz

[bugfix] avoid NPE

2009-09-01 07:43:58 Tree
[r9951] by ellefj

[documentationfix] More final touches on xpath-function's docs. Final batch, yay, strobinellus.

2009-08-31 20:31:07 Tree
[r9950] by dizzzz

[ignore] Removed older java4 restrictions. Updated launch4j config

2009-08-31 19:49:05 Tree
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