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Code Log

Commit Date  
[r17619] by wolfgang_m

[installer] Prepare bat and sh scripts for installer to set max Java memory depending on user input.

2012-11-18 13:37:45 Tree
[r17618] by wolfgang_m

[installer] Prepare conf.xml so installer can set cache size depending on user input.

2012-11-18 13:33:00 Tree
[r17617] by deliriumsky

[feature] functions for working with groups and group managers

2012-11-18 13:28:13 Tree
[r17616] by dizzzz

[ignore] simplified code, still trying to allow to repair a 'null' value for mime-types

2012-11-18 12:55:07 Tree
[r17615] by dizzzz

[bugfix] updated set-mime-type() function: if resource had mime-type 'null' a new one could not be set

2012-11-18 09:23:31 Tree
[r17614] by dizzzz

[feature] updated set-mime-type() function: Throw exception if document is not found, set log-level to debug

2012-11-18 08:57:21 Tree
[r17613] by wolfgang_m

[ignore] Converted splash screen logo to png.

2012-11-18 08:52:48 Tree
[r17612] by wolfgang_m

[ignore] Empty autodeploy directory on build target "clean-all".

2012-11-18 08:51:27 Tree
[r17611] by wolfgang_m

[feature] Added fallback launch dialog for systems which do not support the Java desktop integration. Dialog will pop up automatically if system tray is not available.

2012-11-18 08:49:50 Tree
[r17610] by dizzzz

[feature] added set-mime-type() function to xmldb: namespace.

2012-11-17 18:20:17 Tree
[r17609] by zwobit

[extension] betterform: enable caching of betterform resources

2012-11-16 17:21:37 Tree
[r17608] by dizzzz

[ignore] make trunk build again. http://thejavamonkey.blogspot.nl/2008/04/netbeans-61-jdesktop-vs-swing-6.html

2012-11-16 07:17:43 Tree
[r17607] by wolfgang_m

[documentation] Updated the package repository documentation to reflect latest changes.

2012-11-15 22:23:37 Tree
[r17606] by deliriumsky

[ignore] todo reminder

2012-11-15 21:57:30 Tree
[r17605] by deliriumsky

[feature] added facility to add members to groups and set managers of groups

2012-11-15 21:56:36 Tree
[r17604] by dizzzz

[ignore] fop1.1 library was moved last week, but was restored again

2012-11-15 20:52:49 Tree
[r17603] by dizzzz

[bugfix] recent add of logging to jetty.xml broke wrapper

2012-11-15 20:39:33 Tree
[r17602] by wolfgang_m

[demo] Target collection path should always be relative. Fixed link rewriting (requires update of shared-resources). Allow browser to cache resources.

2012-11-15 19:59:49 Tree
[r17601] by deliriumsky

[ignore] fixed screwed up formatting!

2012-11-15 17:28:14 Tree
[r17600] by jenspetersen

Default port should be 8080. Reversion of 17599.

2012-11-15 16:30:41 Tree
[r17599] by withanage

[ignore] jetty server reqeust log corrected

2012-11-15 16:08:30 Tree
[r17598] by withanage

[ignore] Clsuter Schema was extened.

2012-11-15 15:42:51 Tree
[r17597] by shabanovd

[ignore] remove JAVA_HOME dependency from bat scripts

2012-11-15 09:58:05 Tree
[r17596] by shabanovd

[ignore] cleanup

2012-11-15 09:45:50 Tree
[r17595] by shabanovd

[ignore] cleanup

2012-11-15 09:42:31 Tree
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