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Code Log

Commit Date  
[r17590] by deliriumsky

[ignore] unused since betterForm integration

2012-11-14 21:15:52 Tree
[r17589] by caseydjordan

Merging the ability to get string value from stored PI node

2012-11-14 15:53:04 Tree
[r17588] by shabanovd

[ignore] add PI for get node value

2012-11-14 15:48:29 Tree
[r17587] by zwobit

[extension] betterform: added missing Contextlistener for ehcache shutdown

2012-11-14 13:44:41 Tree
[r17586] by shabanovd

[ignore] avoid NPE

2012-11-14 11:41:33 Tree
[r17585] by shabanovd

[ignore] avoid NPE

2012-11-14 10:40:23 Tree
[r17584] by shabanovd

[ignore] avoid wrong optimization for complex location steps

2012-11-14 09:33:39 Tree
[r17583] by shabanovd

[ignore] lock document for permissions restore

2012-11-14 08:38:01 Tree
[r17582] by xristy

remove unneeded creation of expathrepo at odd path - fixed in rev 17580

2012-11-14 04:48:43 Tree
[r17581] by wolfgang_m

[bugfix] Do not copy webapp/WEB-INF/expathrepo contents into .war.

2012-11-13 22:04:41 Tree
[r17580] by wolfgang_m

[bugfix] Determine expath repo directory consistently. Use correct path when running as .war.

2012-11-13 22:03:25 Tree
[r17579] by wolfgang_m

[bugfix] Ant script now failed to check for existing .xar in autodeploy directory. Started to download fresh xar too often.

2012-11-13 21:38:15 Tree
[r17578] by deliriumsky

[ignore] removed cssparser experiment

2012-11-13 16:15:11 Tree
[r17577] by xristy

rewrite url with no trailing slash

2012-11-13 10:33:19 Tree
[r17576] by wolfgang_m

[bugfix] repo:undeploy removed package but not target collection. Wrong target checked since moving apps to /db/apps.

2012-11-13 07:07:15 Tree
[r17575] by dizzzz

[jetty] update jetty configuration;

- reconstructed from the original jetty-8 configuration files
- added a small webapp that runs on '/'
- allow WAR files to be deployed in tools/jetty/webapps/

- jetty logs too much during startup ; this has been reported and is now fixed in the next release (http://tinyurl.com/crpcr5y )
- update standalone.xml
- recheck jetty logfile (is it used? prefer to have access.log switched off)

2012-11-12 19:00:33 Tree
[r17574] by wolfgang_m

[ignore] Added inspection:module-functions-by-uri. Fix function documentation issue.

2012-11-12 18:57:03 Tree
[r17573] by dizzzz

[ignore] reformatted

2012-11-12 18:15:45 Tree
[r17572] by xristy

10 seconds to download shared xar is too short on a 720Kbps link - changed to 120 seconds - build was failing owing to aborting the download of the xar prematurely

2012-11-12 07:22:18 Tree
[r17571] by dizzzz

[ignore] prepare ivy.xml to download all required jars for the module extensions

2012-11-11 18:24:24 Tree
[r17570] by wolfgang_m

[ignore] Default setting of minDiskSpace="1024m" seems to be too much for some setups. Reducing to 128m.

2012-11-11 17:51:37 Tree
[r17569] by dizzzz

[build] removed download of ivy.jar it is there already

2012-11-11 16:34:11 Tree
[r17568] by dizzzz

[build] added ivy.jar for external JAR management

2012-11-11 16:27:10 Tree
[r17567] by shabanovd

[ignore] cleanup

2012-11-11 15:20:13 Tree
[r17566] by wolfgang_m

[public-repo] Changed public repo code to support downloading xars as required by our build scripts.

2012-11-11 12:52:35 Tree
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