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Code Log

Commit Date  
[r17273] by joewiz

[ignore] reverted svn date keyword - neat feature, will consider integrating later

2012-10-08 15:27:52 Tree
[r17272] by joewiz

[documentation] applied edits to security manager example suggested by Dmitriy, also trying out using svn keyword to insert last modified date

2012-10-08 15:10:19 Tree
[r17271] by joewiz

[ignore] set svn keywords and eol-style as suggested by Leif-Jöran

2012-10-08 15:00:16 Tree
[r17270] by ixitar

[documentation] Updating the security page images.

2012-10-08 13:15:57 Tree
[r17269] by jenspetersen

[doc] Changes made to how-to-learn-xquery.xml in 17265 copied to learning-xquery.xml. how-to-learn-xquery.xml deleted. Article still does not introduce what eXide is capable of, but recommends oXygen, even though eXide has same capabilities.

2012-10-08 13:00:17 Tree
[r17268] by ixitar

[ignore] fixed a commit error.

2012-10-08 12:34:48 Tree
[r17267] by ixitar

[documentation] Added the ability for a ulink to open in a new page by adding the attribute 'condition="_blank"' this will add 'target="_blank"' to an anchor tag.

Added the enternal links to the biblio entries in Learning XQuery.

2012-10-08 12:29:52 Tree
[r17266] by ixitar

[ignore] Renaming the DocBook 5 version of the documentation project to avoid some confusion.

2012-10-08 11:31:55 Tree
[r17265] by jenspetersen

[doc] Quick run-through and spell-check. Article should be revised to point to eXide, not oXygen.

2012-10-08 09:59:12 Tree
[r17264] by jenspetersen

[doc] Copying Dan's 17252 article from docs.

2012-10-08 09:27:01 Tree
[r17263] by jenspetersen

[tamboti] Avoiding xmldb:move().

2012-10-08 09:17:18 Tree
[r17262] by joewiz

[documentation] completed a first pass at reviewing the security article

2012-10-08 06:24:50 Tree
[r17261] by joewiz

[documentation] added a draft adaptation of Dmitriy's illustration of the security manager's authentication event listener

2012-10-08 06:23:20 Tree
[r17260] by joewiz

[documentation] added handling for DocBook tables, such as those used in the Security article (consulted old db2xhtml.xsl for guidance)

2012-10-08 05:37:41 Tree
[r17259] by ellefj

[bugfix] Use only the enums for resource types on publisher to avoid errors on the consumer side when looking up the value.

2012-10-08 05:02:40 Tree
[r17258] by joewiz

[documentation] applied Dmitriy's annotations to the LDAP realm sample configuration file

2012-10-07 21:18:10 Tree
[r17257] by joewiz

[ignore] reformating

2012-10-07 20:41:42 Tree
[r17256] by joewiz

[documentation] added link to learning XQuery article to main documentation list, distinguishing this beginners article from the existing XQuery support article

2012-10-07 20:04:46 Tree
[r17255] by joewiz

[documentation] added Dan's draft about learning XQuery - many thanks, Dan!

2012-10-07 19:40:39 Tree
[r17254] by ixitar

[documentation] Added the video of 'David Fichtmueller - Using eXist To Rescue Research'

2012-10-07 19:21:05 Tree
[r17253] by joewiz

[documentation] added Dmitriy's draft about LDAP Realm to Security document; updated docbook module to process child nodes of example titles, such as the one added in this new draft

2012-10-07 15:18:46 Tree
[r17252] by dmccreary

This is a very early draft of the "How to Learn XQuery" in DocBook 4 format. I know we will convert this to DocBook 5 in the future but the only change should be in the root node and the links.

Let me know if you have any feedback.

2012-10-07 14:37:05 Tree
[r17251] by ixitar

[documentation] Adding the videodata tag to the docbook transform.

2012-10-07 13:49:45 Tree
[r17250] by joewiz

[documentation] added an introduction to the core "XQuery Support in eXist-db" article.
- it's a long article, so I added a summary about each section to the intro.
- i noted that the article is advanced, so users who are new to eXist-db and to XQuery should turn elsewhere. in anticipation of receiving the FAQ article on "How can I learn more about XQuery and creating applications in eXist-db?", I have created a stub of the article, and added a link to this new document from the XQuery article.
- This article is excellent but needs a deep scrub to be updated for 2.0. Many tidbits seem to be circa 2007 (e.g. XQTS results cite a 2007 figure!) and from an earlier epoch of XQuery coding practices. At the very least, we should add mention here of (1) XQuery Update Syntax Status, (2) XQuery 3.0 Status. Thoughts on how to approach this?

2012-10-07 05:33:17 Tree
[r17249] by joewiz

[documentation] added links to advanced installation topics (headless installation, running eXist as a service, bin executables); edited intro and shutdown section for style

2012-10-07 05:08:11 Tree
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