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[r17253] by joewiz

[documentation] added Dmitriy's draft about LDAP Realm to Security document; updated docbook module to process child nodes of example titles, such as the one added in this new draft

2012-10-07 15:18:46 Tree
[r17252] by dmccreary

This is a very early draft of the "How to Learn XQuery" in DocBook 4 format. I know we will convert this to DocBook 5 in the future but the only change should be in the root node and the links.

Let me know if you have any feedback.

2012-10-07 14:37:05 Tree
[r17251] by ixitar

[documentation] Adding the videodata tag to the docbook transform.

2012-10-07 13:49:45 Tree
[r17250] by joewiz

[documentation] added an introduction to the core "XQuery Support in eXist-db" article.
- it's a long article, so I added a summary about each section to the intro.
- i noted that the article is advanced, so users who are new to eXist-db and to XQuery should turn elsewhere. in anticipation of receiving the FAQ article on "How can I learn more about XQuery and creating applications in eXist-db?", I have created a stub of the article, and added a link to this new document from the XQuery article.
- This article is excellent but needs a deep scrub to be updated for 2.0. Many tidbits seem to be circa 2007 (e.g. XQTS results cite a 2007 figure!) and from an earlier epoch of XQuery coding practices. At the very least, we should add mention here of (1) XQuery Update Syntax Status, (2) XQuery 3.0 Status. Thoughts on how to approach this?

2012-10-07 05:33:17 Tree
[r17249] by joewiz

[documentation] added links to advanced installation topics (headless installation, running eXist as a service, bin executables); edited intro and shutdown section for style

2012-10-07 05:08:11 Tree
[r17248] by joewiz

[documentation] created an "advanced installation" article using some of the sections that had been in the original quick start and troubleshooting articles. updated the "java admin client" article to merge in the information about the graphical client that had been in the original quick start article. added introductions to these articles. added entries in the main documentation page. improved rendering of list items that contain 2+ paragraphs.

2012-10-06 22:48:50 Tree
[r17247] by joewiz

[documentation] added an article detailing how to upload files into eXist-db - answering the question "how do i get my data into the database?"

2012-10-06 21:29:19 Tree
[r17246] by shabanovd

[ignore] change log level to debug

2012-10-06 07:14:27 Tree
[r17245] by shabanovd

[ignore] make method public

2012-10-06 06:32:26 Tree
[r17244] by shabanovd

[feature] functions to work with UTC milliseconds since the Epoch

2012-10-06 05:34:41 Tree
[r17243] by shabanovd

[ignore] missing from previous commit

2012-10-06 05:31:52 Tree
[r17242] by joewiz

[documentation] clarified statements about launching and using the installer on Linux

2012-10-06 00:34:45 Tree
[r17241] by shabanovd

[feature] QT3 test suite to junit tests converter & runner

2012-10-06 00:01:39 Tree
[r17240] by joewiz

[documentation] updated Quick Start with instructions about installing Java for Linux users

2012-10-05 22:19:08 Tree
[r17239] by wolfgang_m

[ignore] Fixed ace import path for code highlighting. Requires latest version of ace - and thus eXide - to be installed though.

2012-10-05 21:19:28 Tree
[r17238] by ellefj

[bugfix] Applying patch (email 2012-10-03 04:32) from Alexei Tarnakin, thankyou, in the replication extension.

2012-10-05 14:21:25 Tree
[r17237] by joewiz

[documentation] Added a draft FAQ article on performance in eXist-db: the factors that contribute to performance, strategies for optimizing performance, and the state of scalability.

2012-10-04 21:45:01 Tree
[r17236] by wolfgang_m

[ignore] Remove annoying "Found module" messages to stdout.

2012-10-04 10:48:48 Tree
[r17235] by joewiz

[documentation] Added a draft adaptation of the wiki article on Content Extraction; altered the intro and content to be a little more 'documentation style' rather than 'tutorial style', but retained some of the helpful hints in the final section of the new draft. Comments welcome on whether more info from the original article should be included, or whether this strikes the right balance.

2012-10-04 06:42:08 Tree
[r17234] by joewiz

[documentation] Added a draft article about the new Dashboard app that will become the default landing page of a new eXist-db installation and function as the application launch pad and administration facility. Info in the article was gleaned from comments from Wolfgang in exist-open and from using the app.

2012-10-04 05:46:04 Tree
[r17233] by joewiz

[documentation] Added an introductory paragraph to give readers at all levels a sense of why this article is so essential.

2012-10-04 04:34:33 Tree
[r17232] by joewiz

[documentation] Added a draft article detailing oXygen integration points with eXist-db and steps to set up oXygen to work with eXist-db.

2012-10-04 04:18:37 Tree
[r17231] by ixitar

[documentation] Making the dl dt dd entries look nicer.

2012-10-03 14:43:46 Tree
[r17230] by jenspetersen

[tamboti] Fixes to editor.

2012-10-03 14:16:43 Tree
[r17229] by shabanovd

[ignore] cleanup

2012-10-03 07:43:22 Tree
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