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Code Log

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[r17234] by joewiz

[documentation] Added a draft article about the new Dashboard app that will become the default landing page of a new eXist-db installation and function as the application launch pad and administration facility. Info in the article was gleaned from comments from Wolfgang in exist-open and from using the app.

2012-10-04 05:46:04 Tree
[r17233] by joewiz

[documentation] Added an introductory paragraph to give readers at all levels a sense of why this article is so essential.

2012-10-04 04:34:33 Tree
[r17232] by joewiz

[documentation] Added a draft article detailing oXygen integration points with eXist-db and steps to set up oXygen to work with eXist-db.

2012-10-04 04:18:37 Tree
[r17231] by ixitar

[documentation] Making the dl dt dd entries look nicer.

2012-10-03 14:43:46 Tree
[r17230] by jenspetersen

[tamboti] Fixes to editor.

2012-10-03 14:16:43 Tree
[r17229] by shabanovd

[ignore] cleanup

2012-10-03 07:43:22 Tree
[r17228] by shabanovd

[ignore] cleanup imports

2012-10-03 07:29:24 Tree
[r17227] by wolfgang_m

[testsuite] Added %test:arg annotation to XQSuite: set single argument to sequence of values.

2012-10-02 22:00:14 Tree
[r17226] by wolfgang_m

[feature] Added functions inspect:module-functions(xs:anyURI) and inspect:module-functions() as better replacement for util:list-functions().

2012-10-02 21:38:34 Tree
[r17225] by wolfgang_m

[bugfix] Fixed parsing of ':' in XQDoc comments.

2012-10-02 20:50:29 Tree
[r17224] by wolfgang_m

[ignore] Added module variables to output of inspect:inspect-module.

2012-10-02 19:55:25 Tree
[r17223] by ellefj

[ignore] just minor details before going on with larger additions.

2012-10-02 14:58:50 Tree
[r17222] by deliriumsky

[EOL] This was previously merged with trunk. Removed by request of Dannes

2012-10-02 13:50:10 Tree
[r17221] by wolfgang_m

[ignore] Inform launcher when db is shut down and allow user to re-launch it from system tray.

2012-10-01 22:07:54 Tree
[r17220] by ellefj

[ignore] first draft of replication documentation.

2012-10-01 15:07:08 Tree
[r17219] by wolfgang_m

[bugfix] Fixed wrong context computation. Some XPath expressions using a nested filter in combination with an "and" returned wrong results.

2012-10-01 14:54:31 Tree
[r17218] by shabanovd

[feature] export-silently reroute exporter's messages to logger
add "logs/backup.log"

2012-09-30 18:20:00 Tree
[r17217] by shabanovd

[ignore] API - Deprecated Startable interface

2012-09-30 18:14:47 Tree
[r17216] by shabanovd

[ignore] API - add LifeCycle interface

2012-09-30 18:13:00 Tree
[r17215] by shabanovd

[ignore] cleanup setUser to setSubject

2012-09-30 17:51:54 Tree
[r17214] by shabanovd

[ignore] cleanup setUser to setSubject

2012-09-30 17:50:34 Tree
[r17213] by shabanovd

[ignore] cleanup setUser to setSubject

2012-09-30 17:48:02 Tree
[r17212] by joewiz

[ignore] documentation right sidebar: moved search box div above the TOC div, since long TOCs can push the search box out of view

2012-09-29 23:05:14 Tree
[r17211] by joewiz

[ignore] fix link to xqfdocs app (note: would be nice to have a way to tell if the app is already installed or not… perhaps a link checker in the template module…)

2012-09-29 23:00:35 Tree
[r17210] by wolfgang_m

[ignore] Use ace for code highlighting.

2012-09-29 21:10:43 Tree
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