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[r17222] by deliriumsky

[EOL] This was previously merged with trunk. Removed by request of Dannes

2012-10-02 13:50:10 Tree
[r17221] by wolfgang_m

[ignore] Inform launcher when db is shut down and allow user to re-launch it from system tray.

2012-10-01 22:07:54 Tree
[r17220] by ellefj

[ignore] first draft of replication documentation.

2012-10-01 15:07:08 Tree
[r17219] by wolfgang_m

[bugfix] Fixed wrong context computation. Some XPath expressions using a nested filter in combination with an "and" returned wrong results.

2012-10-01 14:54:31 Tree
[r17218] by shabanovd

[feature] export-silently reroute exporter's messages to logger
add "logs/backup.log"

2012-09-30 18:20:00 Tree
[r17217] by shabanovd

[ignore] API - Deprecated Startable interface

2012-09-30 18:14:47 Tree
[r17216] by shabanovd

[ignore] API - add LifeCycle interface

2012-09-30 18:13:00 Tree
[r17215] by shabanovd

[ignore] cleanup setUser to setSubject

2012-09-30 17:51:54 Tree
[r17214] by shabanovd

[ignore] cleanup setUser to setSubject

2012-09-30 17:50:34 Tree
[r17213] by shabanovd

[ignore] cleanup setUser to setSubject

2012-09-30 17:48:02 Tree
[r17212] by joewiz

[ignore] documentation right sidebar: moved search box div above the TOC div, since long TOCs can push the search box out of view

2012-09-29 23:05:14 Tree
[r17211] by joewiz

[ignore] fix link to xqfdocs app (note: would be nice to have a way to tell if the app is already installed or not… perhaps a link checker in the template module…)

2012-09-29 23:00:35 Tree
[r17210] by wolfgang_m

[ignore] Use ace for code highlighting.

2012-09-29 21:10:43 Tree
[r17209] by wolfgang_m

Updated function doc presentation. Use ace for syntax highlighting.

2012-09-29 19:14:28 Tree
[r17208] by ellefj

[ignore] committing some outstanding changes before Joe returns to this document.

2012-09-29 17:24:09 Tree
[r17207] by joewiz

[ignore] Initial edits to the documentation app's landing page, including: added descriptions to the top-level "recommended reading" articles, added links to the new "troubleshooting" and "getting help" articles (the latter is in this commit), updated links to the function documentation, updated instances of "eXist" to "eXist-db", etc.

2012-09-29 16:47:16 Tree
[r17206] by joewiz

[ignore] Another spin-off short article from the new Quick Start guide: an article about "Running Trunk".

2012-09-29 16:41:52 Tree
[r17205] by joewiz

[ignore] Thanks to Jens for his edits and information about graphical installer options under certain Linux distros such as Ubuntu. More Linux-specific edits are needed, as Leif-Jöran correctly points out. Also, smoothed out some rough edges.

2012-09-29 16:37:09 Tree
[r17204] by wolfgang_m

[ignore] expathrepo dir should be removed when data dir is cleared.

2012-09-29 15:28:17 Tree
[r17203] by ellefj

[ignore] just some small proofing stuff and a question for Joe.

2012-09-29 15:22:07 Tree
[r17202] by ellefj

[ignore] Adding comments about in EXIST_HOME/

2012-09-29 12:22:27 Tree
[r17201] by joewiz

[ignore] a revised quick start article, unabashedly 2.0-centric but maintaining some 1.4-specific info in a new "older versions" article. also, some info that was too advanced/complex for the quick start is now in a new "troubleshooting" article. note that some aspects of the installation procedures in 2.0 are very new - so please correct me where I'm wrong. comments and edits welcome.

2012-09-28 23:05:30 Tree
[r17200] by joewiz

[ignore] added rudimentary handling for DocBook <filename> element - some inline styling to override exist.css entries

2012-09-28 23:03:02 Tree
[r17199] by joewiz

[ignore] renamed "client.xml" as "java-admin-client.xml" and updated references to it; fixed instances of HTML <a href..> in the validation article - now proper DocBook <ulink url…>

2012-09-28 22:51:16 Tree
[r17198] by joewiz

[ignore] fixed all remaining docbook schema errors flagged by oXygen, all relating to <menuchoice> and nesting <image> inside <ulink>. added handling for <imagedata>, functionally equivalent to <image>, to docbook.xql

2012-09-28 18:37:00 Tree
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