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Tree [r17132] / stable / eXist-1.4.x /

File Date Author Commit
.settings 2009-03-31 ellefj [r8792] [ignore] eclipse mylyn settings for sourceforge...
bin 2011-10-13 deliriumsky [r15449] Options for java debugging
build 2012-02-16 dizzzz [r15915] [ignore] removed javadoc warnings (none left!)
extensions 2012-09-11 ellefj [r17127] [bugfix] port of rev 17126 from trunk to fix lu...
installer 2011-12-11 dizzzz [r15578] [ignore] added run.sh and run.bat to installer
jdee-project 2009-07-21 ellefj [r9431] [ignore] jde project settings update.
lib 2012-02-22 zwobit [r15965] [libraries + extension-upgrade]
nbproject 2012-02-22 dizzzz [r15968] [ignore] update netbeans/eclipse project files
roadmap 2009-10-03 shabanovd [r10180] [ignore] updating debugger status
samples 2009-11-11 wolfgang_m [r10438] [ignore] fixed bad links
schema 2012-09-10 wolfgang_m [r17116]
src 2012-09-10 wolfgang_m [r17116]
test 2011-10-09 wolfgang_m [r15436] [bugfix] fixed: circular module imports could c...
thirdparty 2009-08-31 dizzzz [r9946] [bugfix] Made compiler version configurable aga...
tools 2010-01-30 dizzzz [r11098] [ignore] Updated code. no network required anym...
webapp 2012-09-13 dizzzz [r17132] [ignore] updated DTD to match XML file
.classpath 2012-02-22 dizzzz [r15968] [ignore] update netbeans/eclipse project files
.project 2011-04-22 shabanovd [r14273] [ignore] update eclipse settings
LICENSE 2006-07-06 dizzzz [r3830] Updated license file
README 2009-07-11 cutlass [r9308] [documentation.README] removed incorrect versio...
VERSION.txt 2007-06-10 dizzzz [r6053] reverted unwanted changes
atom-example.xq 2006-07-06 alexmilowski [r3813] Added atom configuration files
atom-services.xml 2007-07-13 alexmilowski [r6235] Updates to support latest namespace change and ...
backup.properties 2006-09-07 brihaye [r4314] Removed useless SVN properties that seem to pro...
build.bat 2011-08-15 dizzzz [r15154] [ignore] sync of late script changes
build.properties 2012-09-11 dizzzz [r17123] [ignore] preparing for release 1.4.3
build.sh 2011-08-07 dizzzz [r15097] [ignore] updated build scripts, synced with 'in...
build.xml 2009-09-07 wolfgang_m [r10022] [building] updated ant scripts for generating t...
client.properties.tmpl 2007-07-13 dizzzz [r6229] Updated SVN ID
conf.xml.tmpl 2012-09-10 wolfgang_m [r17116]
descriptor.xml.tmpl 2009-10-30 wolfgang_m [r10291] [ignore] fixed fibo.xql example
eXist.iml 2009-08-08 cutlass [r9707] [bug.ant] added antunit tests to junit test target
eXist.ipr 2009-08-08 cutlass [r9707] [bug.ant] added antunit tests to junit test target
eXist.iws 2009-08-09 cutlass [r9734] [xproc.test] added capability to bring in t:out...
examples-setup.xml 2006-09-07 brihaye [r4314] Removed useless SVN properties that seem to pro...
log4j.dtd 2006-05-18 dizzzz [r3564] My first steps on XSLT; generate conf.xml in wa...
log4j.xml 2011-09-18 dizzzz [r15385] [ignore] small update for log4j
mime-types.xml.tmpl 2010-12-22 joewiz [r13431] reverting change to xml mime-type from previous...
nbbuild.xml 2009-10-02 dizzzz [r10176] [ignore] update of netbeans project files
oxygenxml.xpr 2009-11-05 ixitar [r10365] [ignore] revamping references to be 1.4 and not...
server.xml.tmpl 2009-11-08 wolfgang_m [r10400] [feature] added configuration parameter "config...

Read Me

eXist Native XML Database

For instructions on how to install and start eXist, please
refer to http://exist-db.org/quickstart.html. Alternatively 
you may directly start the database with the included Jetty 
webserver and read the documentation which will be available at


To start eXist on Windows, double click on the created desktop
icon ("eXist Database Startup") or the corresponding entry in the
start menu.

On other operating systems, change into the location where you
installed eXist and call

bin/startup.sh or bin/startup.bat

If these scripts don't work for you, try to call Java manually:

java -jar start.jar jetty